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6 Blogging Tips That Will Increase Your Traffic

Running a blog is not at all easy and blogs these days do not get as much traffic when they first appear as compared to what the case was a few years ago. This is simply because the competition is huge. Hundreds of new blogs are launched every single day.

What makes your blog unique?

This is a question that you have to find the answer to, although in many cases the bloggers will never be able to actually answer. Although that may be your case, it does not mean that you will not have traffic. In fact, even mediocre blogs with medium-quality content can have a lot of traffic. With this in mind, I would like to share some blogging tips that were shared with me along the years and that can work for you. Although I do not use them a lot on my blogs because I have other priorities, this is what I would do to increase traffic to a new blog.

Setting Up A Proper Navigation

This is a necessity. Your site needs to have responsive design and it is vital that you do all that you can in order to basically make sure that the visitor can find the information he/she is looking for. Readers should find it easy to leave a comment and to share any post on social media. The best option that you have for traffic when you first launch a site is definitely social media. At the same time, your entire design should be appropriate and the content should be really easy to read.

Write Long, Researched Articles

Most of the blogging tips articles that you find on the internet will tell you to blog really often and keep the blog posts short. This does work to some extent but your goal should be to make your site memorable. You do not do this if you just have posts of 200-300 words. You do want to keep visitors on your site for as long as possible.

Visitors love to read articles that are really well-written. Instead of offering a great tip that can be considered by the visitor, how about offering 10? For instance, let’s say that we talk about working out. Instead of focusing on just one exercise, write about 10 that would be great to boost up the metabolism. Value is basically added and as the visitor loves what he reads, there is a good chance that a share will be done.

Try to learn what your visitors want to know from a blog like yours. If you manage to offer exactly that, traffic will start to grow, even if you do not know anything about SEO and you do not know a lot about marketing content.

Commenting On Other Blogs

A few years ago this was the very first thing that was considered when a blog was launched. This method is no longer popular because too many blog comments can hurt SEO rankings. Many now avoid blog comments but that is not what you should do. The only rule that counts is:

Always add value to the conversation when you comment on a blog!

Look for some industry blogs that do have a lot of traffic. Then, comment on some of the articles but do not promote your blog in them. Just add valuable insights to the conversation. Do that regularly. After some time, you will notice that people will take notice and will visit your site. If you also did what I mentioned above about writing high-quality, researched and valuable articles, you will get some good traffic to your new blog.

Use Social Media

It is such a surprise to notice that most of the blogs that appear on the internet do not have their content shared on social networks. The articles are not even shared by the authors on their personal pages. If you wrote something that you are not proud of and you would not share that article on your personal profile page, you are doing it wrong from the start and you need to focus on your content first.

Getting back to this idea, as soon as you wrote something of value, share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other niched social networks you may be a part of. This is really important because there is a strong possibility that your connections have the same interests as you.

Always Experiment With Your Content

You never actually know what type of content will work better on your new blog until you try different types of articles. You can write a top 5 post, maybe a short story or a tutorial about how to do something. While most of the blogs do have content in a similar style, no matter what is written, it is not at all a mistake to experiment. That is particularly the case when referring to brand new bloggers because of the fact that there is a strong possibility that there is no style that is defined in the beginning.

Experiment in order to see what you like and what your visitors like. Both of these things have to be reality in order to create a pleasant user-experience.

Never Think About Money

Too many bloggers out there first think about how much money they can make and then they launch a blog. This can lead towards so many mistakes. As an example, I once talked to a person that launched a tech blog because he head that clicks are very valuable in Google AdSense. While that is the case, not much success was reached. I asked him if he loves technology. He didn’t. Then I asked what he liked. The answer was music. The guy then launched a music review blog. His passion instantly shined and visitors loved it. Much more money was made.

The ide ais to think about what you offer. You have to be sure that everything associated with your blog is of a high quality. If that is not the case, you will not make money anyway.

Final Thoughts

While there are books that are written about blogging, what you have to understand is:

Blogging is PERSONAL!

The personality and the style of the blogger needs to shine. Consider what was written above and that will automatically increase your traffic. You should not care where the traffic comes from at first. Focus on the quality that you offer and sharing content. Then, you will end up reading more about the topic, you will learn how to establish partnerships and you will see how the blog can be grown with advanced strategies. However, the start is always personal.

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