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Should You Blog Every Single Day?

Some time ago there was this trend that pushed most bloggers to blog every single day. Many try this now and end up feeling disappointed since they do not gain more traffic and their income is as low as it was when the “strategy” was not used.

The big problem is that many go through this “post a blog” every single day strategy and they fail, thus thinking that they are not good and that they cannot succeed. To make matters even worse, the blogger ends up feeling as if he works a lot and there is no reward.

Posting every single day takes the fun out of blogging and blogging has to be fun.

Some time ago I wrote about the fact that you should not focus on advanced SEO when you start blogging. This is quite similar but because of reasons that are a little different.

Although I can talk about this for a really long time, I will just mention 3 reasons why blogging every single day as a strategy is not actually a strategy and is a really bad idea.

so you blog every single dayQuality Goes Down

This is highly important. When you blog every single day, many problems appear. One of the problems is that the quality of your posts will surely go down. This can happen because of various reasons:

  • Not having enough research time
  • Being too tired and posting just to meet a quota
  • Not finding something to write about and settling on something shallow
  • The list can go on

When you have a blog audience, you want to offer the highest possible quality.

It is a guarantee that as you focus solely on posting every single day you will end up offering a lower quality on the long run. Your posts will become shallow and there is a huge chance that instead of writing a highly documented and well-researched 1000 words article, you will come up with 3 daily posts that are around 300 words each and that do not offer that much to your writers. Consider that this piece of writing right here has close to 400 words already and I only actually said one thing so far.

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Subscriber And Sharing Counts Go Down

As you send posts via email to the people that subscribed to your blogs, you end up making them unsubscribe. If you are highly popular as a blogger this will not happen but since you are here, you are most likely not that popular. No offense!

People normally have a lot that they read every single day and that they have to ready. Posting less often and increasing the quality of what you post is something that they will appreciate.

Sharing the content that you post is a necessity for you, especially when you first start out. You have to be sure that you give the people a reason to share. When the readers see that the content is not shared that much, they will think that you do not offer much and can actually end up not reading what you post.

What they refer to as Social Proof disappears and that creates a domino effect that only leads towards lower shares on every single post that is subsequently published.

You Will Become Tired

Journalists sometimes spend weeks working on just one story but the blogger ends up spending just 1 hour to write a daily post. Who do you think will come up with something better and who do you think will become tired?

Burnout is really common in the blogging world. It happens to every single person at least once, usually much more often.

As you become tired and pressured to keep delivering an article for your readers every single day, that domino effect I mentioned only gets worse. It leads towards quality drops, you feeling bad and basically becoming really unhappy with the work that is done.

Burnout is one of the main reasons why bloggers quit and if there is one thing that should never happen in blogging, it is quitting.

A Far Better Approach?


Instead of being focused on publishing a blog post every single day, you can shift your focus on a much better approach. Consider the following!

Plan Posts

The best possible post that you can write is the one that is properly planned. Believe it or not, you actually start creating great content even before you start writing.

Make sure that you think about what you will write, conduct a really good research, analyze the similar blogs in the industry, find similarities between posts that are successful and so on. Basically, you want to plan and you want to write something that will offer what your audience or desired audience wants to read.

Remember that you have to answer some sort of question when you write a post. You cannot simply write about something that is of no interest for the readers.

If you post one article every 2 months and the content is of the highest possible quality, your success will be a lot higher than the blogger that posts low quality articles every single day.

Publish The Article And Promote It!

Here’s something I say at least once to someone every single month, normally much more often:

“You can have the best possible content in the world and achieve nothing with it if nobody knows that it exists!”

This basically means that the article that you write is only as great as how you promote it. When you first start writing on a blog, you need to focus on promoting it since nobody knows about it. The same thing goes with that really great article you just wrote.

I am not going to tell you how to promote your blog posts here. That would only make the topic more complicated. However, I will put the focus on promotion a second time: write your article and do all that you can to promote it. When you think that you did all you could, move on to planning for the next article. This is a far better approach than posting every single day in a blind schedule.

Become A Professional Blogger

Do you blog just for fun or for yourself? If so, you will not care much about the advice others offer anyway. However, if you really want to be a professional and have your blog as high as possible in search results or gain high authority, you will have to do it at a professional level.

As a professional blogger, the blog is your work, it has a good vision, there is a strategy and you follow pre-planned steps to gain awareness and traffic. You know what your target audience is and you know how to reach it.

Blogging every single day is not being professional.

Blogging every single day means being an amateur blogger. You do not want to be an amateur. You want your business to be strong and keep growing as fast as it could. That is only possible when you work as a professional.

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