Blogging Tips For Aspiring Fitness Bloggers

Blogging Tips For Aspiring Fitness Bloggers

If you love fitness and want to start a fitness blog, the first thing you need to know is that you will enjoy the experience. Fitness blogging can bring in great moments and you can get the satisfaction of helping so many people. However, this does not mean it will be easy.

Just as with all blog niches out there, in fitness blogging, more blogs fail than succeed. We are sure that you do not want to fail so here are some important blogging tips for aspiring fitness bloggers that need to be taken into account.

Determine Your Audience

One of the most important questions you have to ask yourself with a fitness blog is:

  • Who do you want to talk to?

You have to identify your target audience. This is the real foundation for future success, no matter what others tell you. When you start the blog as a way to share the weight loss journey you are on, as an example, you have to stick with that.

Some fitness blogs talk about bodybuilding competitions. Others discuss nutrition for athletes. No matter what you decide to talk about, you have to take your audience into account. This is because your blog identity is what makes people come back.

After identifying the audience, it is time to choose what content you will focus on. Some examples include:

  • How to articles.
  • 30-day challenges
  • Video content
  • Exercise guides
  • Clean eating recipes

When you try to do everything, you fail to establish yourself as an expert in the industry or it would take a lot longer than it should. Audiences really appreciate loyalty to one focus.

Obviously, you can add a video from time to time and some rare blog posts about other topics but this should not be frequent. The core of your blog posts should cover the main topic you chose.

Find Your Voice

As a fitness blogger or fitness blog owner, you need to clearly differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. Way too many aspiring bloggers try to copy someone else’s style. When you do this, you simply look like a copy. You are a unique individual and you have to showcase that, no matter what.

Another related thing that should be highlighted is that you want to talk about topics that are of a real importance for you and that you do not see somewhere else. How many articles about weight loss exist on the internet? Try to find something different since your ideas will lead to unique content. Basically, you want to show your audience that you are a unique person with a unique style and a unique voice.

Dot Com Is Not your Only Option

Whenever you start a blog, the very first thing to consider is the domain name you choose. There is this clear perception that .com is the only option to take into account. This is definitely not the case. In fact, it is much more important to create a brand and choose a really good name than to focus on this .com domain.

With new domain names like .club, .fitness and .fit, you can easily separate yourself from the crowd. It can also make branding a lot simpler.

Post As Much As Possible When You Start

Generally, people recommend that you are really attentive when it comes to posting too much. However, if you just start a fitness blog, the best thing that you can do is to post as much content as you possibly can.

The really popular fitness blogs out there, at least most of them, increase the audience by working really hard. You have to be ready to work very hard. When you just post one article per week, you cannot expect wonderful results.

You can eventually slow down and focus on other things that you can do so that you can improve the quality of the content you post. But, when you start, just try to post something every single day. Then, add more on social media and work as hard as you can.

You do not put muscles on fast without a lot of work and with daily commitment. The same goes for blogging.

Invite Comments

In the health industry and especially with something that is as personal as fitness, it is really important that you build a community around you. This is why inviting comments with questions can help so much more than you initially think.

The problem is that most people these days do not comment on blog posts anymore. This leads many to believe that it is useless to ask for those comments. What they miss is that people also rarely comment if they are not asked to do so. You lose nothing if you invite comments and start conversations. The same goes for your social media presence.

Don’t Needlessly Argue With People

Yesterday I wrote an article about challenging Krav Maga instructors. Eventually, what I wrote there and the views expressed will lead to some sort of argument started by people that will disagree with what I said. This is not a question of IF. It is a certainty.

There will always be some people that will disagree with what you say and will want to prove that you are wrong. This simply cannot be avoided. You fight this by remaining humble, acknowledging the comments and knowing when it is time to just ignore people.

Negative comments often lead to bloggers starting arguments. This is a bad approach. You should acknowledge bad comments, thank people for expressing them and end everything in a positive way.

For instance, in that Krav Maga example there, let’s say someone comments something like “You are full of s@#$. I trained Krav Maga for X years and it saved my life.” It is very easy to negatively respond to such a comment, especially because of the swearing part and you will surely eventually have to deal with such comments.

A great response to that would be something like “Hello (name), thank you very much for taking the time to express your opinion. You are free to disagree and I am happy it saved your life. The article was not meant for you, it was meant for other people. Keep working out and be as great as you can be.”

Simple, to-the-point, kind comments that do not fight and lead to arguments are important. You will eventually need to master this.

Always Be Yourself

The last advice I can offer and by far THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE is exactly this one. It does sound like a cliché but it is vital for your success. You will not launch anything meaningful and successful if you try to copy someone else. Unfortunately, this often happens.

I watch countless fitness and martial arts YouTube channels and read many blogs. Every single one of them features people that are themselves. This is what attracts people. You should never try to be someone else or you will fail.

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