Blogging Is All About Your Visitors

I recently finished writing an article for Blog For Web entitled “Figure Out Why You Blog In Order To Have Success!” I wanted to expand a little on what was written there and understand that no matter why you actually blog, everything that you write needs to be connected to the audience that you have at the moment. Let’s repeat that in a way that you can write down:

Blog For Your Visitors

It does not actually matter what blog you run or what niche you cover. If you manage to offer something that the visitor needs, it is a guarantee you will offer high quality content that will get you noticed.

2 Examples

I will mention the first things that come to mind.

1. Let’s say that you run a blog that talks about fashion trends. What is your target audience interested in? They most likely want to know what the latest fashion trends are. Highlight them and give examples. Talk about ways in which people can modify the clothes that they have so they are in fashion. You will surely notice that engagement grows.

2. Let’s say that you run a blog about working out at home. In this case the visitors will most likely not be that interested in bodybuilding supplements. They will be much more interested in various exercises that they can do at home. Focus on that and show them how they can lose weight or put on muscle mass in their bedroom. They will love that!

Do You Know Your Visitors?

If you don’t, you’re doing something wrong! Ask questions so you know more about your audience. Use Google Analytics’ Demographics section to see as much as you can about the visitors. Look at the insights that Facebook offers for  your Fan Pages.

I understand that most of you will be interested in learning how to make money with their blogs when they read almost anything that will be presented on this blog. With this in mind, remember that in order to convince people to buy something, you have to show them why that something adds value to their lives. It is the only way to have great results in this whole online marketing game.

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