How To Get Back To Blogging After A Forced Hiatus

I recently had to deal with some family emergencies that took more than I initially imagined. The results were pretty bad on every aspect of my life and obviously, blogging was the last thing on my mind. This is not the first time that this happened and I can say that there are always things that go wrong and that stop us from blogging.

As you surely already know, blogging is all about consistency. You need to be consistent. When something happens and that consistency is lost, your online business loses money and followers. This is something that we have to avoid. Obviously, the best thing that we can do is plan ahead and have articles scheduled in the event that something goes wrong and we have to focus on something else. However, this rarely happens.

This time the effect is not bad because it did happen before and I did solve this problem again. However, most people just stop blogging and end up making excuses, telling you why they don’t really have time to blog. I thought I could help by telling you how to get back to blogging after basically any type of hiatus. Remember the following:

Assess Damage Caused

Think about what you lost during your hiatus. Maybe you lost social media followers. Maybe traffic went down. You need to take some time off and see what you are currently dealing with. In most cases income goes down and your analytics will be pretty bad.

You want to analyze the situation you are in because of a really simple reason: it helps you to figure out how you can get back to the level you were at.

Develop Your New Blogging Routine

After you see what damage appeared, it is time to fix it. Focus on developing your brand new blogging routine. Fix one day to brainstorm new ideas. This day can also be used to relax. Grab a glass of good wine, relax and think about what you can do. Use your RSS subscriptions and see what the industry was up to. This can be really relaxing.

Think about what blogging routine would work for you. It is normally a great idea to set up some sort of blogging calendar. Dedicate time to writing and research. Make sure that during that time you will not be distracted.

Commit To Your Calendar

The routine will surely be boring after some time. This is what you will need to get over. Sticking to your calendar is an important step that you do need to take in order to become successful. How many times did you find yourself checking Facebook or ordering a pizza instead of writing?

Write down the goals that you have. Commit to getting them done. This is the most important thing in blogging. You want to be organized and you want to keep working. When you know why you work, you will keep that in the back of your mind and you will be able to focus on actually working.

Don’t think about this modern “Just Do It” attitude. It will never work if you do not commit. You want to reward yourself when you finish a project or when you reach a goal. Do that and committing will become a lot easier to do.

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