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Forget About Advanced SEO When Blogging

This is the most important advice that anyone can give you when referring to blogging in the event that you started to learn about SEO and you understand its importance. The truth is that we are faced with so much focus put on search engine optimization that we forget what counts the most when looking …


Long Versus Short Blog Posts – What Should You Write?

This topic is always controversial so I am sorry if I will offend anyone. There are people that always write really long blog posts and people that only write posts of around 300 words on their blogs. The beginner blogger will naturally read tutorials that are controversial in nature. What side of the debate should …


Blogging Is All About Your Visitors

I recently finished writing an article for Blog For Web entitled “Figure Out Why You Blog In Order To Have Success!” I wanted to expand a little on what was written there and understand that no matter why you actually blog, everything that you write needs to be connected to the audience that you have …