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Thank You Mark William Calaway (The Undertaker) For Everything

the undertaker retires

After finishing the documentary about basically the final years of the career of Mark William Calaway (The Undertaker), I just had to write a few words. The Undertaker is practically synonymous with professional wrestling and it is very hard to imagine anyone will ever reach his icon status. He officially started his career in 1987. …


I Watched Death Note The American Movie And…Damn

death note movie

I instantly had to re-watch the entire original anime because I was so incredibly disappointed. Death Note is a work of art and that American movie was so unfair and so shallow that I was literally disgusted. If I were to review the movie fully, my conclusion would be: disgusted. Why? I do not know …


8 Reasons Why I Marked Out When I Listened To Agust D’s Daechwita


It’s not a secret that I love BTS and rap music. So, when the teaser for Agust D’s new mixtape started appearing on Big Hit’s Facebook page, I did start to get a little bit hyper. There were 2 things possible with the teasers. Either JK launches his first mixtape or Agust D comes back …


Ranking American Horror Story’s First 9 Seasons From Worst To Best

american horror story

9 seasons of American Horror Story appeared and I just watched all of them for the second time in a huge marathon. I loved this series from the very first one. Unfortunately, not many of my friends do so I have nobody to talk to. I loved the series alone and decided to think about …