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Financial Education

How to Improve Your Investment Opportunities

Investing in real estate isn’t rocket science. However, there is a definite learning curve that you will need to adjust to. The rules of the game are simple enough. The tricky part is the playing field is in a state of eternal flux. Here are a few easy tips that will help you improve the …

Financial Education

Great Tips for Making Business Investments

Running a business is difficult, especially when funds are limited. Unfortunately, competence and determination aren’t sufficient to run a firm. If you lack in the financial department of your company, it could be time to explore investing. Here are a few pointers to help business owners make sound investments: Penny Stocks are a good place …

Financial Education

MLMs Are Cults And Other Things MLMs Do Not Want You To Know

If you think about joining an MLM (multi-level marketing) “business”, just don’t. They will lie to you and make you think you own a business. You do not. And this is just the first thing that MLM companies do not want you to know. The truth is MLM is all about making a few people …

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You DO NOT Own A Business When You Promote MLMs

You Do Not Own A Business When You Promote MLM Products

When I was around 19 years old, a friend of mine asked me to go to him to a presentation about a business opportunity. He did not know much and since I did have some experience then with business, he asked me to come. As we got to the presentation, it quickly became obvious that …

Financial Education

Do This When You Ask Friends To Give You Money For Your Business!

Friends are always eager to help you out when you need some help but when you ask for financial help you do need to understand that this is something completely different. There are not many things in life that are going to ruin a friendship like money. We all know it and we do not …