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Don’t Be Like Donald Trump Jr. And Learn Basic Accounting

This was hilarious for me to read. Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. admitted he does not understand basic accounting. But, he did sign off on the finances of his dad since he was the only trustee for the entire family business. While this is definitely complete BS and most likely just some weird scheme to claim …

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Great Business Ideas to Start During a Pandemic

While the COVID pandemic has certainly caused many businesses to falter and fail under the weight of imposed lockdowns, consumer contagion concerns, population decreases, supply chain concerns and other compounded issues, the consequences of the pandemic have also opened the doors for a host of new businesses to rise in the wake of the old. …

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4 Tips To Market Yourself As A Freelance Writer That Actually Work

4 Tips To Market Yourself As A Freelance Writer

After you choose a niche to focus on and you create your portfolio as a freelance writer (2 vital things that should never be neglected and you surely already know), it is time to market your services. This is not at all something simple. You WILL experience a lot of stress and frustration. The big …

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Which Marketing Job Is Right For Me?

Which Marketing Job Is Right For Me?

Marketing is used by every single business in the world right now. This means that the career potential you have when you study marketing is practically unlimited. You can choose various different career paths but obviously, some are better than others. Related: Why is K-Pop so popular and why should marketers care? When thinking about …