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My Top 10 Champions To Climb Solo Queue – League Of Legends

League of Legends features 148 characters that you can play. The vast majority of them are good for climbing solo queue, at least to a high-enough level for most gamers. I am mostly talking diamond and platinum here. The problem is that so many of these champions have complex mechanics that take a long time …


Using BUFF App For 2 Months – The Premise Of Gaming For Free And Making Money

Buff app review

One day, while I was browsing the Overwolf app store, I ran into the BUFF App. It seemed to be just another app like many of its kind launched in the past to take advantage of the idea that you can get paid to play games for free. However, after reading about it and seeing …


Awesome MK11 DLC Fighters We Will Never Get

mortal kombat 11

When it comes to Mortal Kombat 11, we are free to imagine everything. After all, In the latest storyline, past and present merged. In the past, we had DC join. Well, it was a horrible attempt. We also had the God Of War Kratos make an appearance as a DLC character, just like Ash Williams …


Gaming Mechanical Keyboards – Should You Buy One?

how to choose a gaming keyboard

All professional gamers will tell you that peripherals count and they help you to be better at the game you play. This includes the keyboard you use. Mechanical keyboards are often presented as the best possible choice. Are they or not? The truth is that mechanical keyboards will make your gaming experience better. However, there …


I’ve Been Playing Lords Mobile For Months – Do Not Make The Same Mistake!

Lords Mobile Game

Some years ago, I played a lot of Travian. Then, I moved to Imperia Online. I also played some Stronghold Kingdoms. I got bored of these games and ended up playing a ton of WWE Supercard, but that game also ended up disappointing me. At that point in time, I was left without a game …