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7 Things You Should Know About Elon Musk – He Is Not What He Wants You To Think

Elon Musk is the talk of the town ever since he bought Twitter but the person once called “The Savior” (for sure he loves that title) is not what he wants people to think. In reality, as more time passes, he seems to be a huge fake. Just like the bad guy in Knives Out: …

My 2 Cents

Triller Fight Club – The Worst Fighting Event I Ever Saw – My 2 Cents #1

triller fight club - the worst fighting event I ever saw

The audio version of this post, created with text-to-speech is available here: My ramblings are below: Today I would like to share my opinions about the so called fighting event of the year so far, the Triller Fight Club, which saw the main event being YouTubber turned professional boxer Jake Paul versus MMA fighter and …