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The NRA Sues The New York Governor Because They Think Gun Shops Are Essential Businesses

NRA wooden flag

Like, are you f-ing kidding me? The NRA (National Rifle Association) sued Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor as a private citizen and as a governor, because he decided to close gun stores. This happened as there is an order in New York for all non-essential businesses to be closed. So, the NRA claims that gun …


Challenge What Krav Maga Instructors Tell You

krav maga training

Krav Maga is constantly gaining popularity right now as an effective self defense system that will save your life. This is exactly how most Krav Maga schools promote themselves and they have all the right to do so. Yep, it is true. Krav Maga can save your life but there are many buts that people …


The Importance Of Doing What You Really Like

do what you love

When it comes to blogging, one of the most important rules is: Write about something that you love! Unfortunately, when I started, I forgot about this really important rule. It is quite hilarious for me to see that I always give this advice but I never actually did it in the past. What many …


Adrian Cruce Blog Turns Into 3 Blogs

I have not been active in the last month or so on because I have been working on different projects and I really wanted to change the focus of this blog. At the moment there are way too many topics that are covered and there is a need to differentiate between the different things …

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6 Lessons Learned After Fixing Two Server-Wide WordPress Injection Hacks Twice

I am not a WordPress specialist by any means but having worked on this platform ever since it appeared allowed me to know a lot about it. There are millions and millions of sites using WordPress out there so it is only normal that problems would appear. Hackers love attacking WordPress sites because of various …