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The 10 Biggest Keyword Research Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s talk keyword research. It is almost impossible to mention search engine optimization without also discussing keyword research. Close to all SEO campaigns have to start with good keyword research. And what you choose truly counts. Ahrefs highlights that 92.42% of all analyzed keywords only get 10 or under monthly searches. For the rest, the …

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4 Reasons Why A Career In SEO Might Not Be A Good Option

Let me start this by saying I have been doing SEO and online marketing work ever since I was around 17. I am 37 now. Basically, I did anything you can imagine, from writing content to choosing keywords and creating SEO strategies. And I did it as a freelancer and in agencies. Some agencies were …


Long Tail Keywords and Short Tail Keywords for SEO

Long tail keywords are more specific and have a higher conversion rate, but they are more difficult to rank for. As a result, they are also more expensive to rank. To identify which long tail keywords to use, you should read the brand manifesto of the company you’re trying to promote. Once you’ve done that, …


How Long Should SEO Content Be?

how long should SEO content be

There are countless debates in SEO. Professionals debate everything. Which is as it should be since we will never know the coding behind the Google ranking algorithm. Out of all debates, one that is incredibly stupid, at least according to my personal belief, is the one surrounding the perfect length of SEO content. Here’s the …


Should You Let Your Website Eat Itself? A Reflection On Keyword Cannibalization

a reflection on keyword cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization. A rather colorful (a little sick too) SEO term that confuses even SEO specialists. And it is normal for this topic to be confusing because how you view SEO influences if you see this as an advantage or a disadvantage. The truth is, keyword cannibalization is completely normal, and it is usually something …