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11 Cases When You Spend More Money To Save More Money

Most of the articles that you will see online about how to save more money will talk about spending less but there are so many cases in which spending more will help you to save more. Generally speaking, whenever you get to save more on the long run thanks to something that you buy or spend more on, it is a good move that you have to make.

This list below can easily go on for a really long time. However, these are some situations in which I personally spent more in order to save more or cases where I saw people I know do that. They are presented below.

Buy A Hair Trimmer

buy a hair trimmer

It might not seem like a haircut costs a lot of money but what if you do not need a haircut anymore? This is something that is particularly possible for men as a good hair trimmer kit is really cheap. For only around $20-$30 you can avoid having to get your hair cut. If you do not know how to use hair trimmer kits to get some modern haircuts done, look on YouTube. You will be surprised.

Buy Coffee Makers

buy coffee makers

A coffee maker on Amazon can be bought for as little as $50. All that you would want including bean grinders and a good travel mug will end up costing you $100. Now think about how much you spend on coffee every time you buy one at work. You can save all of that.

Buy A Car Wash Kit

Buy A Car Wash Kit

All you really need is a hose, sponges, soap and a good sprayer nozzle. Wash your car at home and you will save all the money you normally spend on car washes. You think that this is not much? A drive-through carwash normally costs you around $8. If you really love your car you wash it 4 times per month. That is $32 per month, $320 every 10 months. Even if you wash your car just once per month we still talk about $96 per year that is saved.

Buy An eReader

The eReader is going to help you to save a lot of money on books. Sure, it is not something that everyone is going to appreciate. However, if you do enjoy reading books with the eReaders, simply consider it and you will save a lot on electronic book versions.

Buy LED Bulbs

Buy LED Bulbs

I am quite sure that you heard this before. I cannot do this since my roommate has some weird light sensitivity and the light that comes from LED bulbs hurts her eyes. However, if you do not have such a problem, these bulbs help to save a lot of money on the long run, much more than what you think right now. I guarantee it.

Invest In Home Insulation

Invest In Home Insulation

Another great thing that can be done to reduce the electricity bills. You will surely end up spending a lot at first but you will appreciate the overall savings that appear. Every single utility bill will be lower for many years to come.

Investing In Education

graduation students

Education in every single career out there is important. Do not let anyone tell you something else. I do not mean that you need to get a Masters degree. Even one extra course can help you to get a raise or land a better job. Do you think that this is not needed? Think about the fact that just the college degree can sum up to over $1,000,000 on the length of your career. This means that you have to consider borrowing money in order to get education and have a career that his paying higher.

Hire A Housekeeper

Hire A Housekeeper

In the event that the hourly income you have is higher than the money you would pay for another person to do something for you, consider the option. This means that you can hire someone to mow your lawn, walk your dog, clean your house and more. Even grocery delivering can be great for you as you save time you can use to make more money.

Hire A Professional

It is a surprise to me to see the fact that people really do not want to hire a financial advisor. The services of this professional are great for so many, especially for busy businessmen. Even buying a good audiobook can help you out a lot if you end up getting better at what you do or you manage to develop better spending habits.

Buy An Expensive Sofa

Buy An Expensive Sofa

A good sofa costs around $1,000. That is a lot of money and for many this is actually seen as being extravagant since you can find stores that sell really cheap sofas these days. Even if this is definitely the case, the expensive sofa is basically cost-efficient for the long term. It will simply last longer.

The example with the sofa is basically important to understand the fact that you can spend more on furniture in order to save more money on the long run. You will not need to buy furniture so often, which is definitely important for a homeowner.


I highlighted only 11 examples above. The list can easily go as high as hundreds. The main idea to remember is that when you do spend money in order to save more money, you make a very smart financial decision. Way too many are blindly focused on savings and on getting the cheap stuff. Even when you buy food, buying something that is natural and that includes better ingredients can be better for your overall health, which would bring in good benefits on the long run since you can work more and make more money. Always think about what you spend money on and whether or not this can make you save more in the future.

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