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Here’s Why You Do Not Make Money Online

There are literally millions of people that tried to make money online and failed. They failed because of so many different reasons. However, based on my personal experience, some reasons come up much more often than others.

A huge part of making money online is figuring out why you do not make money online. There are countless guides out there teaching you what you have to do. You try all that you find and still fail. Why is that? Why I cannot tell you exactly why it happens in YOUR case, here’s what might be happening.

You Do Something You Do Not Like

There are hundreds of ways in which you can make money online. Some people play games. Others sell pictures. I believe most make money online by freelancing but I might be wrong. Surely, hundreds of thousands focus on doing it with different marketing sites, PTC sites, their blogs and YouTube. What you choose will highly dictate whether or not you will make money online.

The problem with making money online is that it takes time to build your personal online business. Success never comes overnight, although shady guides and sites want you to think this is the case. When you do not like what you do, you will not go through the tough period.

A great example of this is the PTC money making industry. I did an experiment trying to see how much a complete beginner can make. I made $67 in the first 3 months (full story here). If I were to continue, I believe an income of around $100 per month should have appeared in around 6 to 10 months. After around 2 years the income should have been around $500 per month or more. It does not seem like much but it does keep growing. However, going through something as boring is difficult for most people. If you do not like doing these boring tasks, you will not succeed.

Always choose a way to make money online that you enjoy. Try until you find something that you really love. I personally ended up building my online business through freelance article writing, then shifted to SEO and now I do investments, online marketing and more. However, the start was 6 months of writing, which I really enjoyed. Because I enjoyed it I constantly learned, found better clients and ended up being paid more. If you do not like writing, you will not be able to do this.

You Do Not Know How To Grow

When you launch a small company you do not make much money. It is after you grow the company that the big money starts to come in. This is exactly the same with making money online. If you want to succeed, you want to keep growing and improving.

In so many cases I see people that know how to make some money online but have no idea how to grow the business. Since we talked about that PTC example before, growing means you have to get referrals and bring in more people in the system that will do the same thing you do while helping you gain referral commissions.

Once your online business is stabilized and you make roughly around the same amount per month it is time to learn how to increase everything. In some cases you will need to open a site. In others you wil have to get the family involved. No matter what method you use, always think about how to grow and learn how to grow.

You Are Afraid To Do What It Takes

This should be pretty self-explanatory. However, most people do not actually understand the fact that they are afraid. They find different things that they blame and the truth is that they are just afraid to take everything to the next level. For instance, you might have to start a blog and blog daily. Would you do that?

Take a good look at yourself and think about why you do not grow. There is a pretty good possibility it is because you are afraid to do what it takes to succeed. You realize this when you are close to reaching the next level but something always seems to happen.

You Got Bored

It takes time to build your online business, no matter what that business is. As time passes, it is quite often seen that the individual gets bored. When you get bored, you have two options. You either quit or you fight the boredom. There are many things that can be done to make things fun again. You need to find that if you want to grow and make more money online.

What Is Your Reason?

As already mentioned, there are many reasons why people do not make money online. I only talked about those that appear more often than others. You might have a totally different one. I would love to hear about it. Just remember that you can if you work hard and you learn what you have to do.

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