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How To Use Traffic Monsoon To Make Money

UPDATE – Traffic Monsoon is having huge problems. I do not recommend you sign up anymore!

Traffic Monsoon is basically the one site in the PTC and RevShare industries that currently gains popularity at a huge pace. This is because of the fact that people actually end up making really good money with it, which is not that common with regular PTC. You can easily sign-up below for your free account so you can see all that I mean as you browse through the site:


Since I do not like talking too much about things that are not important and I never want to convince people to blindly do anything, I will just focus on how to actually make money with Traffic Monsoon. You will surely find hundreds of articles on the internet that are really, really long and that try to convince you that Traffic Monsoon is the best thing in the world. It is not actually like that. You will need to work hard, just as with any other money making opportunity on the internet.

You basically get to make money with Traffic Monsoon in 3 ways:

Cash Links

These are basically the paid to click ads that people are used to, just as with the Top PTC sites that I talked about in the past. The clicks are allowing you to make extra cash and should not really be seen as the main income source with Traffic Monsoon. 4 types of clicks are available:

  • $0.001 value – 5 seconds timer
  • $0.005 value – 15 seconds timer
  • $0.01 value – 30 seconds timer
  • $0.02 value – 60 seconds timer

As you can see, the values are already higher than with other PTC sites. The problem is that these links do not appear as with the other sites. You get them as they come. This practically means that you will want to log in different times daily. When cash links are available, they appear as in the screenshot.

trafficmonsoon cash links

Click and get the extra money.

Traffic Monsoon cash link example

You need to know that cash links do go pretty quickly. It is always better to look at the links in the morning when there are not many people that are logged in. Also, you will occasionally get a message that says “Sorry, Ad expired”. This means that people already clicked on the ad while you were watching it. Do not be discouraged. You still make more than with most other PTC sites on your own.

Sharing Positions And Adpacks

This is where the real Traffic Monsoon money making opportunity appears.You basically have to buy an adpack that costs $50. After the purchase, you will receive:

  • 1,000 advertising credits – this means 1,000 visitors to your site.
  • 20 PPC Credits – the banner that you choose will be shown until it gets 20 clicks.
  • 1 Money Sharing Position – this sharing position allows the user to receive a part of all TrafficMonsoon sales until reaching $55.

To put it as simple as possible, you invest $50 in Traffic Monsoon and every single day you will receive money in your account until the amount reaches $55 (a 10% profit from the investment made).

In order to receive money in your account from the active sharing packs, you need to surf a minimum of ten sites per day. This also gives you credits that you can use in order to get traffic to your sites, just as with a traffic exchange site. Based on my experience, the credits that you get from the ad pack and the traffic exchange is pretty good and it will convert well, giving you referrals to other sites.

Referral Program

The referral program is quite good and it offers a great incentive to be a member and bring in new members to Traffic Monsoon. You basically get the following when you refer a new person to Traffic Monsoon:

  • 100% commission on all cash links clicked and validated – your referral makes $10, you make $10.
  • 10% commissions on the purchases that are made – your referral buys 2 shares ($100), you get $20.

Once again, in order to receive the referral commissions, you need to perform the action mentioned before: surf 10 sites per day.

Join Traffic Monsoon Here:

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

This is all that you really need to know about Traffic Monsoon. Reaching $100 per day is possible if you are going to re-invest your money and the investments will keep growing and generating more money as you go on, gaining a minimum of $5 for every ad pack that you invest. I say a minimum of $5 because you will also gain money with cash links, referrals and through the referrals that you will get to other PTC sites.

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