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The Indian Online Business Approach

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We all have a lot to earn from Indians in this online money making industry. We see so many that just hate those that come from India because they think that they sell themselves for little money and they are generally not to be trusted. That is not actually the case.

I am not a racist and I never discriminate. I should mention this since it is so easy to see things as they are not when you read an online article. The idea is that some time ago I realized that so many of the people that buy ads and are really active in PTC sites (like PaidVerts) or in RevShares (like the ones I invest in) are from India. That is when I started to talk with different people and we all agreed that these people are so different in the way they approach online money making when compared with people from other countries.

I will not talk about why people from India take such an approach. Obviously, the value of a dollar for them is so much higher than it is from those in countries like the US or the UK. This does not really change anything. Some will tell you that Indians suck because they do anything for a dollar. In content writing many agree to insane prices like $1 for 500 words. That is definitely insanely low. Why do they do that? Does it really matter? Many of them actually make money online, more than what most others do.

What does this Indian online business approach mean?

It means they are not afraid to keep doing the really small tasks, those that offer cents instead of dollars. They realize that hard work helps them to make money online. If there is a method that might work, they try it. If they see that many record YouTube videos to get referrals, they open a YouTube channel. They shamelessly promote everything that they do. They start a blog and write as often as they can. They read all the SEO articles they find and try to get all the links they can.

The bottom line is they work. They look at making business online as work, not as an investment or as opening a business like an entrepreneur. We can all learn from them.

What Can We Learn From Them?

Nobody should see making money online as easy work. I see this happening way too often. It is vital that you constantly adapt and evolve. You need to keep learning and you actually have to do the work that you can do. Indians will spend as much time as they can to do all the tasks that would help them to increase their earnings. They click all the PTC ads and do not stop when it takes one month to make one dollar.

I used this approach when I started making money online. It works. For instance, if you have 2 hours available to make money online, start by doing the clicks in your revshares or in your PTC sites, then see how you can promote the referral link and then do a blog post or write something on your blog if you have the time. It may seem like incredible work but after some time you will figure out that this allows your business to grow.

Indians get it! The more you work, the more you make!

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