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So I Tried Making Money With PTC Sites As A Complete Newbie For 3 Months

PTC Sites have been around for a really long time. Some of them are over 7 years old and have been used by tens of thousands of people. We have sites that basically tell you that you can make thousands of dollars with a dedicated strategy and a lot of work. There are even ebooks sold by people highlighting how much you can make with sites that basically pay you between $0.0001 and $0.04 per 1 click you do.

In order to test these sites I put myself in the shoes of the COMPLETE BEGINNER. What does this mean? I started without any investment and tried to get it going, eventually turning this into a business. I figured that I should easily understand if this is worth someone’s time thanks to the growth that would appear in 3 months.

I started using these sites on the 20th of November. Now it is the 4th of March.

I registered to around 20 PTC sites in total till now. I decided to work 2 hours per day on this. Every day I clicked links and I focused on being as enthusiastic as I could. It was pretty hard to do this since money was growing pretty slowly.

Everything that I made I re-invested into the same PTC sites and related deals to get everything up and running, growing the “business”. I bought ads to increase referral numbers and even took advantage of some websites that I found online to help me increase referral numbers. In 3 months I managed to raise close to 100 referrals, which is quite great as I did not take advantage of anything I knew. As I said earlier, I worked as a complete beginner as my aim was:

See if PTC Sites should be used by a complete newbie to try to make money online.

Unfortunately, the result was negative.

You should not use PTC Sites if you want to start making money online.

I will now try to explain why I came to this conclusion. In short, I made $67.09 but I actually withdrew ZERO DOLLARS to my bank account. This practically means that after 3 months of work, a little over 2 hours per day, a total of around 180-200 hours, I ended up with nothing.

Facts of interest about this experiment:

  • 3 PTC sites went down and money was lost. They were rated as being among the best when I started but they did fail.
  • Close to 50 referrals were gained to reach the $67.09 result.
  • Clicking is highly boring.
  • Investing in rented referrals usually leads to losing money. Only 2 of the 20 PTC sites had profitable rented referral systems. The rest were actually scams or way too complicated to get money through the PTC system.

The conclusions of these 3 months of work were obvious:

Instead of using PTC sites to start making money online, you should focus on something else.

200 hours of work could have been used to:

  • Write 200 articles or more for your site or link building purposes – the average person spends around 1 hour to write one blog post.
  • Read educational material to improve your work knowledge in any field.
  • Listen to 200 hours of audio ebooks about financial education, marketing or a similar topic.
  • Create 20 new websites – I noticed that most beginners end up completely customizing and creating their new site, including an initial blog post and necessary pages like About/Contact with WordPress in around 10 hours.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try To Make Money With PTC Sites:

Huge Investments Are Needed For A Good Income

In order to make money with the PTC sites you need to make a lot of investments. You have to invest in ads to get more referrals and you will have to upgrade to higher memberships because of the investments that you make. You also want to make investments in a website to promote everything and so much more work.

Clicking PTC Ads Is Boring

You need a lot of discipline. You basically have to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. When you miss a day, referral income does not come. This is a huge disadvantage. After talking to some people, most of them said that they gave PTC sites a try but everything was so boring that they eventually quit.

You Will Not Make Good Money

People will try to convince you that you can make even $1,000 per month. What they do not tell you is the fact that until you reach that point, you will not make much. Also, most of the screenshots with income statements you see will not factor in expenses on ads and other related aspects that are necessary to grow the business.

You Will Be Disappointed

People will tell you ANYTHING to get you to join and remain active. During the research I saw most of the examples highlighting that out of 100 referrals around 50 would normally be active. This is incorrect, just like many other things associated with this industry. Out of the 100 referrals I got I only had 10 to 15 that were active. Unfortunately, this is just one example of the disappointments you will have. Possible disappointments include:

  • Being told that you get 5 cents per day when you only get around 2.
  • Being told that when you buy an ad you will get many referrals and you just get a few that are not inactive.
  • Losing momentum as you cannot click ads in one day due to unexpected events.


I could give you the detailed results for absolutely all the things that happened during this PTC analysis. However, this is not what this is all about. If necessary, contact me and I will give you all the details you need.

On the whole, I can say that you should NEVER lose time with PTC sites. All the time that you spend working on this and not making money can be used to grow a much more profitable business. I would invest this into a blog at any point of the day. Hell, if I would have spent 200 hours writing for this blog I would have had much more traffic now 😀

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