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How To Make More Money With Revshares – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Revshare sites are now huge. They are really popular because they are really easy to take advantage of for beginners in online money making. However, this does not mean that you are guaranteed to make money. Having a correct approach is important to maximize results.

Because revshares are now popular and people are interested in using them, many revshare sites are launched every single month. You want to maximize how much you make, join the ones that offer the best earning potential and learn how to increase the amounts you make. Let’s see how all this can be done.

Revenue Sharing Site – What Is It?

The revshare is really easy to understand. It is a site where you buy ad packs and then get money back if you surf a number of sites per day. In return for your payment you get money back every single day and some traffic to a desired link. Percentage vary from site to site.

Example: You buy an adpack of $5 and receive 110% if you click 10 ads daily for a number of days.

10% or even %20 may not seem like much but there are various things that you can do to increase this amount to a substantial level. This is actually why so many prefer the revshare sites to the PTC sites that were highly popular before them.

Choosing The Revshares To Invest In

Before I talk about how to make more money, it is important to understand that not all the revshares are great. Generally speaking, you need to consider just the revshares that offer around 110% to 120%. Also, do be sure that the site is as transparent as possible. I cannot tell you what the best revshares will be for you. However, I can tell you that I currently have money invested in the following:

My Paying Ads

My Paying Crypto Ads

10 Ads Pay

The Ads Team

How To Make Money With Revshare Sites

  • Buy The Ad Packs

This is the no brainer. You want to buy ad packs in order to make money with the revshare sites. The expiry date for the ad pack is after it earned the percentage that is mentioned.

The most common question that appears is how much to invest in these revshares. The truth is that you should invest as much as you think you could. Never spend money that you need to eat, live or anything like that. You want to invest the money that is extra.

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How To Maximise Ad Pack Earnings

Generally, you want to initially add as much money as you can. This helps you to recover the initial investment faster and the account can grow faster. What is important is to not be hasty and quickly try to recover the seed money. The account simply dries out when you withdraw too much and you just make a small profit that is not justified given the time you put in.

The trick is to reinvest. You need a period in which you reinvest everything. Let’s say you buy 10 ad packs of $5 each. As soon as your account shows earnings of $5, you buy another ad pack. You keep doing this for a period of time. Generally speaking, you should do this for around 3 to 5 months, based on the revshare you invest in.

After the time you set passed, it is time to start withdrawing. You do not want to withdraw everything. You want to gradually withdraw your seed money. Keep doing the math to see how much you have, how much you earned and how much you are comfortable with leaving in the system. If you do the math correctly, you should still have around 80% to 100% of your seed money withdrawn and an equal amount still running in the system. From that moment, all that you will make will be full profit.

  • Recruit – Get Referrals

With all revshares you receive referral commissions when people you bring into the system buy ad packs. You can actually make a lot through this system. Most of the sites offer 10% of the purchase amount as a commission. This means that if you refer people and they buy 100 ad packs in total, you get the value of 10 ad packs in your account. That money can be withdrawn directly or you can use them to buy extra ad packs and speed up the earning strategy you read about above.

If you are really good at recruiting new members you can actually make more money through this than through your initial investment. Although you may not like recruiting, you think it is hard, you do not know how to do it and so on, you still need to start.

You can recruit new members to the revshares you invest in through so many different methods. The most common ones are:

  • Blogging
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook videos
  • Directly talking to people

When you first start it will be a little difficult but in time you will love the commissions that come in.

  • Promoting Other Business Opportunities

As mentioned, when you buy the ad packs you do get some traffic that you can direct to your other offers. In many cases I see people that do not use all this extra traffic received. This is a huge mistake. You may be tempted to believe the traffic is of a really low quality but that is not actually the case. The people that will see what you promote are members of the revshare site just like you.

Generally speaking, the best offers to promote on revshare sites are those that would be of interest for people that want to make money with revshare sites. That is why promoting other revshare sites is a very good idea. However, you can always be creative. You can create your blog, build a landing page with all your revshare investments so that people can see many opportunities in one place.


The most important thing to remember is that every single person can make money with revshares online. However, how much you make will depend on what you do. If you just take the regular approach and you buy the packs, wait for them to finish and then withdraw, you get around %110. That is not so great. If you take the approach I mentioned above, you take back your money and you then have a residual income that appears since you can keep withdrawing and making money for as long as the revshare site lives.

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