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Why Do People Buy Something?

why do people buy something

So many marketing articles tell you that people buy something because of two reasons, a need or a want. This is correct but it is also incredibly simple. If you want to figure out why someone buys something, you have to go much deeper than that.

If you want to be really successful in business, you want to make an emotional connection with the buyer. When this happens, the pay-off is simply huge. Emotional motivators are so much more important than anything else. This is what you want to discover if you want to sell something.

While there are countless reasons why people buy something, some are more important than others. I have to say that this list is not complete as there are always others that can be discovered, but you should be aware at least of these.

Feeling Safer

Millions of dollars are spent every single hour in the US by the Department of Defense with the core reason being: keeping people safe. You want to feel safe at every single second of your life.

Unfortunately, many products take advantage of this natural need to feel safe. Products are being developed to play to this fear. Basically, if you make someone feel safer, you find it easier to make a sell.

Meaning Something To Someone

Humans are social beings. They want to be liked by their family, friends and even strangers. Why do you think that celebrities like the Kardashians have millions of followers?

We need to feel approved. We share things on social media and we move from one app to the next while looking for this approval. This is why sometimes it is very easy to make a sale because you make someone buy a service or a product that will make that individual feel approved.

It is difficult to identify what makes a person feel approved.


Did you notice that laundry ads almost always feature very happy families? This is done on purpose since people naturally want to have strong relationships with many others in their lives. So, a purchase can be made simply because it makes the individual think that this will improve some specific relationship.


How many people love roller coasters and bungee jumping? Maybe just dancing or drinking some hard liqueur. This is because of the natural need to feel adrenaline pumping through your veins or simply the desire for adventure. Brands that fit adventure lifestyles are always successful if they actually offer a great experience.


Our health is vital for us. This is why revitalizing creams, spas and gyms are more popular now than ever. It is impossible to browse the internet these days without seeing some sort of ad for a health product. They work because people want to be healthy. If you manage to make someone believe that your services or products increase their health, there is a good possibility that a purchase will be made.

Having A Sense Of Purpose

Unfortunately, most people around the world feel that they have no purpose in life. When you offer them something that makes them feel as if they contribute to something more important than the individual, a sale is most likely going to be made. Companies that are socially responsible almost always do really well. This is because of appealing to this sense of purpose.

Education And Growth

People pay a lot of money to feel, look and be smarter. The needs to be educated and self-growth are really important emotional motivators. They can instantly make someone make a purchase.

Just think about Udemy. This site grew incredibly fast because of the fact that people need to be educated. They want to learn, no matter what others tell you.

It Is Not Enough To Identify Emotional Motivators

All of the reasons mentioned above can be incredibly strong emotional motivators. They work really well and drastically increase the success of services/products. However, this does not mean that it is enough.

So many businesses out there think that they just need to build really good marketing campaigns to be successful. This is completely incorrect. It is really important that you build a very good service/product. Your focus should be on quality, not solely on how you will promote it.

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