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Gig Economy: Jobs Intelligent People Are Using to Make Extra Money

Today’s state of the world economy is somewhat of a crisis, and now more than ever, everyone is feeling the burden of dramatically increasing prices for even the most basic commodities. It makes it necessary for the average person to work at least one other job not only to be able to sustain themselves but also to have enough disposable income left for some dependable financial standing.

This has given rise to the gig economy, where thousands of people are working extra jobs on the side, mostly online. Such gigs are primarily operated remotely and on a freelance basis. They include those requiring common hard and soft skills such as virtual assistance, software development, online coaching, content creation, and voice acting.

This article explores the world of gigs, where to find them, what you need to work one and how to choose the right gig. Read on for more!

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy refers to the common but non-traditional ways of earning money besides the full-time day or night job. The market is dominated by freelancers who specialize in various areas. They connect to clients looking to utilize their skills in multiple ways through advertisements or job boards including online platforms dedicated to matching freelancers with the right gigs.

Jobs in the gig economy are usually short-term, with a pre-defined scope and specified output. This way, people can work these jobs when they are not preoccupied with their full-time jobs.

The gig economy has only been expanding, with thousands of people joining the market each year. It is popular for its lack of formal technicality, precise requirements or goals, quick payments, and ability to work remotely. Still, it also faces a lot of criticism, primarily for the tendency of employers to avoid paying their workers benefits. If you want to be part of the market, you need to do your research well and understand what to expect.

Benefits of Working Gigs

Some of the benefits that make gigs so popular include the following:

Ability to work remotely

You can basically work on anything online as long as you are not explicitly required to be physically present, as in jobs that deliver intangible output. For instance, a software engineer in Europe can efficiently work with a team from Kyiv and India to make an app for a client in the US. Using any good project management platform, you can collaborate with anyone from anywhere on any project at any time.


Many employers can run their businesses and get work done at less than half the cost they would incur in the traditional office setting. They save up on expenses such as rent, utilities, and benefits.

This is, however, not a particularly great deal for freelancers – they have to work without specific benefits such as paid vacation, sick leaves, and retirement plans.

Readily available market and labor

Freelancers looking for gigs can easily find them on a number of platforms and online job boards. Employers also have a large and readily available labor force, and all they have to do is scan applications and choose whoever is most suitable for the job.


Since freelancers can choose which gigs they want to work, they have the freedom to evaluate their requirements and choose those that they want. They can also decide who to work with, and they don’t have to report to anyone except their clients. This independence can improve their productivity and make it easier to work on their terms.


This is an obvious benefit of being a gig worker. As mentioned earlier, you not only have the freedom to choose the gig to work but also choose where to work from, sometimes when, and who to work with. This has allowed people to break off from traditional full-time office roles and allow their ideal lifestyles. For instance, a person who can get sustainable income from working gigs remotely can easily tour the world, working in different locations while still vacationing.


You can have as many sources of income as you want from your gigs as long as you can manage to work them all and perform well. It is easy to master a new skill, take time to perfect it, and then make lots of money with it on gigs.

Tips For Successful Gigs

The following are some helpful tips and practices to keep in mind before starting on any gig:

  •  Work with your interests – Before applying for gigs, make sure they align with your interests so that doing the work is not just paying well but also fulfilling. It should not feel forced, and since you are independent, take the freedom to choose what you genuinely find pleasure in working with.
  • Gigs don’t offer job security – Gigs, unlike formal employment, can end or start anytime. This is a significant downside of the gig economy. You need to accept this and prepare for such uncertainty.
  • Build your self-discipline – Since you are working independently and most likely with direct communication with the client, you can easily mess up and lose work. Make sure that you hold yourself responsible for fulfilling whatever is expected of you.
  • Manage your time carefully – Often, primarily when you work from home, there can be a very blurry line between work and personal life. Managing time means carefully scheduling things and allocating them their own time away from your free time.
  • Be professional – Professionalism is desirable and can put you in good standing with many clients. Some will even become repeat clients just because you are very professional. Communicate appropriately and when necessary, meet all your deadlines, schedule time for updates, and carry yourself with respect for you and your client.
  • Keep improving – The more people enter the gig market, the more competition there is for good jobs. The best way to stay ahead is to specialize and keep improving your skill. For instance, if you are very good at creating social media content, you can also work on your skills in designing and optimizing ads.

Gigs Intelligent People Use to Make Money

The kind of gigs you may choose should be matched to your interests, skills, and abilities. Here are some gigs you can look into when choosing the right ones. These are all remote and can be done quickly from the comfort of your own home:

1. Bookkeeping – If you are good at math and are familiar with accounting, bookkeeping can be a great gig for you. You should be able to apply your skills both manually and with the help of bookkeeping software.

2. Digital marketing – Digital marketing is almost everywhere, and there is always a way to make good money if you apply your skills carefully. It can be making advertisements, writing product descriptions, working with search engines, or even creating white papers for product launches.

3. Video and photo editing – You can work with clients who want to create videos with special editing or effects for their sites or social media. Online courses and tutorials can also help you learn how to do this.

4. Transcription – If you have excellent typing skills, you can consider taking up transcription in the languages you are good with.

5. Translation – This is a great gig if you have a great comprehension of any language. It involves listening to recorded audio and writing down what is said in a clear and readable format.

6. Blogging – While blogging can be considered a personal project, it can easily become a successful gig. You can find ways to monetize your blog, for instance, using ads or marketing something to your traffic. Once you gather some decent traffic, you can collaborate with other bloggers or advertising clients to promote them at a fee.

7. Online coaching and tutoring – If you are really good at a given subject, say English, you can apply to jobs that allow you to tutor people who are not as good at it.

8. Graphic design – This is a great option for people with technical graphic design skills. This is a particularly in-demand gig that has the potential to earn very well if you have a specific set of skills.

9. Web development and design – If you have the technical skills to build a website, whether from scratch or using templates, you can work well in web design. Most clients will require you to design or build a website for their businesses or personal blog.

10. Content creation – With the rise of TikTok and other popular social media, there is an increasing need for content creators. This typically involves creating scripts and video plots for maximum engagement. You can also look into this if you are good at social media management and content writing.

In conclusion, there is no shortage of gigs you can do to boost your income. With a working computer, a peaceful environment, and some dedication to succeeding, you can work your way to financial freedom from literally anywhere in the world. You only need to make sure you choose gigs that align well with your interests, develop the skills required to perform, and then give each one your very best. Check out for more information on managing your finances and making more money!

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