The Real Reason You Are Not Successful As A Freelancer: FEAR

Most freelancers do not realize this but the reason why they are not making more money online is in most cases FEAR. Some fears are obvious while others are not. It is really important that you get rid of the unnecessary fears in order to be truly successful as a freelancer, both online and offline.

Let’s think about some really common freelancer fears that stop you from growing your online business.

Not Having Enough Experience

Since there are literally millions of freelancers looking for work now, it is common to believe that you cannot possibly offer the best work for the clients. In many cases we see niches being highly competitive so people can believe that others are going to be much better at the work.

What you should understand is that freelancing evolved to the point that there is work available for everyone. When you take on more projects, you become more experienced. Whenever you feel that you do not have enough experience to be successful as a freelancer, start working on your portfolio. Work samples are always the best way to highlight the quality you offer for potential clients. Start with a lower entry-level rate so that you can get your first clients and get recommendations.

Fear That Clients Won’t Like The Work Done

Freelancing is uncertain and you can easily end up thinking that clients are not going to like the work that you do. As a freelancer you do want to take pride of the quality you offer but this can lead to huge problems on the long run.

In order to deal with this fear you want to be sure that expectations are set really early. You want to offer the very best work samples and do be sure you clarify what clients want from you. After some of the work is done you need to get in touch with the client in order to receive feedback. Communication is what helps you the most in getting rid of this fear since you get to realize exactly what the client wants, thus delivering high quality work.

Fear Of Rejection

As you want to build your freelancing business you have to pitch and also establish really good relationships in the industry you operate in. Rejection is something that is going to happen and you want to embrace it. Being rejected is actually a great opportunity to learn why that happened. You can actually talk with some of the people that rejected you as a hired freelancer to know why. This can help you to drastically improve the quality of the service you offer.

Do be sure that you send more pitches as rejection will not hit you as hard while you can obtain even more feedback from the rejections that happen. Also, be sure you network as meeting more people in the industry helps you to not have to deal with rejection.

Fear Of Failure

This is one of the biggest concerns that hit freelancers. You can easily think that no matter what you will do, you will fail. The way in which you overcome this fear is to basically go full out on the work you do. You want to set some smart realistic goals that helps you to remain dedicated. How can you know if you are going to fail if you do not try it in the first place?

You have to work really hard to gain increased experience and grow your network. Never sell yourself short. You want to charge the amount you are worth. Read this article to learn about calculating the minimum rate you should charge.

Final Thoughts

Freelancing fear is not at all easy to deal with. Unfortunately, the easiest way to overcome it is to work hard. In time you will overcome the fear. The hardest step is to look for clients and communication is always what counts the most as you deal with clients.

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