5 Game Franchises That Need A Reboot (And 5 That Don’t)

5 Game Franchises That Need A Reboot (And 5 That Don’t)

Video game reboots are huge right now. Most studios that have the rights to old franchises think about reboots because of the success of series like “Fallout” or “Doom”. However, the past popularity of a game is no indicator that a reboot will be successful. This is clearly visible with failed reboots like “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Bionic Commando”.

Many video game franchises should get a reboot. This can fix problems that originally appeared or simply revive the game by making them more modern. Others though should never get a reboot and there is a huge possibility a new game in the series would be a huge flop.

Right now, gamers want a reboot of the following 5 series and to completely forget about 5 more.

Borderlands – Deserves A Reboot

The “Borderlands” game franchise sold more than 20 million copies and became an instant hit as soon as it was launched. The problem was that after launching “Borderlands” and “Borderlands 2”, Gearbox launched a prequel. This was because the original 2 games focused on gameplay and guns. The prequel focused on the story. Gamers were thus faced with a contradiction that eventually led to the franchise dying.

Borderlands 3 could be a soft reboot that would include both gameplay and story. This would create a complete game that would be really attractive for many gamers.

Tomb Raider – No Reboot Needed

Countless “Tomb Raider” reboots were launched. In fact, whenever a new console version was released, some sort of “Tomb Raider” reboot followed. The only game in the entire franchise that was a huge success was the very first one, which was launched for PlayStation 1.

The big problem with “Tomb Raider” reboots is that they just try to copy what was done in the past, with visual improvements added. This is not enough for a modern game to be successful. It would be a lot better to just let the series die and try to reboot it in a few years.

TimeSplitters – Deserves A Reboot

“TimeSplitters” is considered by many as being the most underrated series in the first-person shooter genre ever made. When it initially appeared, it was way better than the competition made out mostly of “GoldenEye 007” and “Perfect Dark”.

Fortunately for all gamers that fondly remember the game, a reboot might be in the works right now. The “TimeSplitters” franchise is now owned by THQ Nordic AB and on August 14, 2019, Steve Ellis (series co-creator) joined Deep Silver with the goal of plotting the future of the FPS series. While no details exist, fans might finally get the “TimeSplitters” reboot they demand.

Battlefield – No Reboot Needed

The original “Battlefield” was launched in 2002. In 10 years, the game was played by over 50 million gamers. This covers 11 Battlefield games and 12 expansions. With so much content already launched, many players lost interest and believe that the game series needs to stop.

The problem with “Battlefield” is the same one we see with numerous EA Sports Games. There are simply way too many versions launched in a very short period of time. Due to this, there are not many improvements from one game to the next. At least some time off is needed for the series to be successful again.

Onimusha – Deserves A Reboot

Most fans agree that “Onimusha” only needs a soft reboot, preferably done by a new studio that can offer a fresh storyline. The problem is that this needs to happen as soon as possible. There are many third person action games that appear and that have a similar style. Also, “Ni Oh” was launched with a focus on Feudal Japan and samurais. All this means that “Onimusha” might become irrelevant in the near future and a reboot would just be a flop. Series fans will be happy but this is not enough for video game developers.

Ninja Gaiden – No Reboot Needed

“Ninja Gaiden” started gaining popularity thanks to its catchy music and an industry first that changed the genre. This was the very first console game that had cutscenes to present the story. However, as time passed and countless games were launched in the series, “Ninja Gaiden” lost most of its popularity. “Ninja Gaiden 3” was particularly bad since its quality was much lower than the past two games in the franchise. While some diehard fans really want to see a reboot of the series, with so many similar games out there already and many others planned, a new Ninja Gaiden would surely flop.

Banjo-Kazooie – Deserves A Reboot

Rare’s “Banjo-Kazooie” series featured 2 fun and popular characters, Banjo and Kazooie. It was initially launched in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 and helped increase the popularity of the platform. Many other entries appeared on various platforms.

Fans want “Banjo-Kazooie” back because of the diversity present, the humor and the many colorful characters. This is something that lacks in many modern games. The only thing that might be needed is the addition of new gameplay modes, like multi-player elements. The original game characters do not need much work. They just need to look better.

Dino Crisis – No Reboot Needed

While many believe that a “Dino Crisis” remake would be great, the truth is that there is a really high possibility that the game would flop in the current gaming scene. What was described by some reviewers as “Resident Evil” with dinosaurs quickly became a thrilling experience for millions of players. The problem was that the third game in the franchise was not good. It was still popular but it did lead to the series dying.

Reports show that a remake of “Dino Crisis” might already be in the works, but given the fact that the popularity of “Jurassic World” is already going down, this reboot would most likely flop.

Prince Of Persia – Deserves A Reboot

Literally everyone that played video games during the early 2000s played at least one “Prince of Persia” game. With the huge success of games like “God of War” and “The Witcher”, gamers believe it is time to bring back the prince.

The parkour system in the game can easily be taken to a brand new level with the technology available for video game developers. Also, the story can easily cover the ninth century Persia period, which has a very complex mythology. All of these are loved by modern gamers so “Prince of Persia” makes complete sense as a reboot, if done right.

Sonic Games – No Reboot Needed

Countless “Sonic” games were launched and the recent ones all flopped. With a movie being made now about the popular, fast, funny, blue character being made, fans are certainly divided. Most agree that “Sonic the Hedgehog” was a huge flop and that the franchise should have ended there. Gamers argue that along the years, the game lost its main feature, the fact that Sonic was very fast.

Sonic can still be a character that appears in other games and that uses its unique identity to create diversity. However, Sonic games need some time off until the original feeling of the games can be brought back to life.

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