I’ve Been Playing Lords Mobile For Months – Do Not Make The Same Mistake!

Lords Mobile Game

Some years ago, I played a lot of Travian. Then, I moved to Imperia Online. I also played some Stronghold Kingdoms. I got bored of these games and ended up playing a ton of WWE Supercard, but that game also ended up disappointing me.

At that point in time, I was left without a game to play before I go to sleep and as I enjoy my coffee. Eventually, I stumbled upon Lords Mobile. I cannot tell you long ago that was as it seems it was an eternity. The game looked similar to Imperia Online so I thought it was going to be very simple. I was definitely wrong with that.

I Hate Lords Mobile – And I Love It

Lords Mobile is a very well-built game. It is F2P but there are thousands of players that actually spend thousands of dollars every month on it. I am incredibly surprised that I Got Games managed to create such an addictive free to play experience that also brings in so much money. I can only begin to imagine how much profit this game generates.

The problem with this game is that if you make just one mistake, you wasted months. As a low-level player, it is very difficult to build your army. You spend months to build 1 million troops as you level up your buildings and then, a much stronger player can destroy all those troops.

I lost my troops 2 times. And I still go back and play the game, re-build and keep growing. Steam says I played this game for 1,195 hours. This is huge. I also have 2 accounts so I do not even want to know the total.

This is the type of game Lords Mobile is. A game that you just keep playing, until you quit. However, I only saw 3 people quitting and with the current stay-at-home restrictions, I do not expect many to quit.

It is just incredible how much I hate this game and still love it and still play it. With League of Legends, I love the game. I just hate the community of players. With Lords Mobile, I have such a clear love-hate relationship that it makes my past relationships a joke.

Do Not Play Lords Mobile – But If You Do…

Here’s the deal. I cannot warmly recommend that this game because I would willingly put you through disappointing times. It is a CERTAINTY you will be attacked, you will lose your troops, your leader will be captured and you will go through tough times. However, if you still decide to play the game, send me a message and I will help you out. I am in a pretty good guild and we help each other a lot.

Now, leaving aside my personal frustration, I am sure many will play Lords Mobile and if you reached this page, I would love to help you out with some very important tips.

The 6 Most Important Lords Mobile Tips You Need To Know

This is the type of game that you need to start right. If you do not, you will be faced with much more frustration than you should. Based on my months of play, I believe the following are the most important tips for beginners.

Learn As Much As You Can About The Game

A great thing with Lords Mobile is that you can play the game in many different ways. You can build a trap castle, focus on research, build a military monster, hunt monsters, focus on Darknests to help your guild and more.

Learn all you can about the game and focus on what you want to do right from the start. The best tip I ever received was to read everything on Marks Angry Review. You find information there about practically EVERYTHING you need to know. Bookmark that blog and when you need some information, use the Search there.

Save Speed-Ups For Hell Events

You will get many speed-ups in Lords Mobile. It is easy to just use them as you get them as you think you will get to your goals faster. This is not a good idea in this game. Save all your speed-ups and use them only when you are sure that you can get Hell Events done. This is because Hell Events give you very good rewards, including gems, which are particularly valuable.

Also, these speed-ups will help a lot in the Guild Fest events. Just save your speed-ups, look at Hell Events and when you can finish one, go ahead and do it.

Save Gems And Use Them Properly

You need as many gems as you can get in this game. The good news is, you will get many even as a F2P player. However, using these gems always comes at a price since you lose them. Due to this, you need to save your gems for the appropriate upgrades.

Remember that you will need a lot of games to upgrade your Battle Hall, Prison, Altar, and to get Golden Hammers to upgrade buildings to the maximum level. If you do not upgrade all of the mentioned buildings and you do not have enough Golden Hammers, you cannot get Tier 4 troops, which are very valuable and important.

Get Into A Good Guild

No matter what you might think, you need help in this game. You need to work with others so you need to get into a very good guild. This is true even if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on it. There are guilds in this game that are specialized in exactly what you want to do, from monster hunting to war.

As a member of a good guild, you get hundreds of gifts every single day. This includes materials, resources, gems and a lot more. Also, when you participate in Guild Events, you get even more useful bonuses.

Always Use A Shield

So, you have 3 million troops and you think you are safe simply because people can only attack you alone with 250k troops? Think again. In order to be fully protected against an attack, you need very good military bonuses AND tens of millions of troops. This is why you should always use a shield.

If there is any possibility that you will not be able to log in and refresh your shield, use a longer one. Be safe at all times.

Gather With Tier 1 Troops

The last tip is a rather simple one but you will find great value in it. When you gather resources, ONLY use Tier 1 troops. This has one huge advantage. You can heal your Tier 1 troops instantly if you are attacked while gathering. Also, these troops are faster and you will have no problems if you lose them anyway. If you lose troops of any other tier, especially Tier 3 and above, they are costly and time-consuming to heal.

Final Thoughts

You got to love Lords Mobile and you got to hate it at the same time. However, it is a highly enjoyable and addictive game, if you decide to put in the numerous hours needed to actually have a lot of fun. You will need to reach castle level 17 to enjoy it and level 25 is not easy to get. Even after you get to level 25, upgrading your research to the highest level takes more time. Use the tips above and if you ever decide to quit the game, do not lose sleep over it.

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