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How Can You Make More Money From Bitcoin Faucets?

Let’s face it! Not all people can buy Bitcoins. They do not have the funds needed and need to start small in the online money making world. When focusing on Bitcoin, the good news is there are thousands of websites that offer free Satoshi for people that are willing to do a few clicks. These are the Bitcoin Faucets.

The principle is really simple. The site makes money through advertising and a large part of that money is shared with the users. Traffic grows, referrals are made and everyone is happy.

The problem with Bitcoin Faucets is that it is hard to gather up all the money. In most cases you do not receive much. It can easily take months for you to make your first Bitcoin and most just give up. However, if you take the Indian online money making approach and you just want to work really hard, you can actually gather up the Bitcoin. Then, you can use it to make investments and make more money.

Getting back to the main topic at hand, how can you make more money from the Bitcoin Faucets? Here are some simple tips to help you out.

Dedicate Time Just For Bitcoin Faucets

Getting organized is very important. Figure out how much time you can dedicate towards getting free satoshi from Bitcoin faucets. If you have 30 minutes, focus on those that you like the most. If you have one hour, you can easily do more. The idea in this case is to have time where this is the only thing that you do. You should not be distracted by Facebook or anything else. Obviously, you can listen to music in the meantime.

Make A List Of Bitcoin Faucets To Browse Through

You never know how much time you have and things can happen. Getting the satoshi from the Bitcoin faucets that offer some sort of extra incentive for daily claims or that pay more have to added first on your list. Start with them and everything else is an extra. For instance, you can see the Free Bitcoin Faucet List I use. I basically first claim from Swiss Ads Pay, Moon Bitcoin, Bit Coinker, Bitcoin Expose and Coin Prizes. Then, if I still have time, I go through other faucets through Faucet Hub or similar.

Getting organized is easy. Just create a list, add it to your bookmarks and all is good. If you do not have much time, just use the Bitcoin faucets you have as the preferred ones. It is better to be consistent and get those loyalty bonuses than to lose them and in most cases you just need 5-10 minutes to go through the main ones.

Identify Faucets That Make You Lose Time

Even when you use the Bitcoin Faucet Rotator I talked about you can lose a lot of time. There are faucets that offer really low amounts like 2 satoshi or 10 satoshi when you claim. Identify those that you lose time with and eliminate them. Just do not waste time on them. Use the next tip below to help you earn more instead of clicking and wasting time for 2-20 satoshi. Generally speaking, you should get over 70 satoshi on the average click. The only situation when this is not the case is when you use programs like Moon Bitcoin or Bit Coinker that offer loyalty bonuses so high that you end up making 3 times more than the general approach if you keep doing it daily.

Organize Faucets Based On Claim Time

The Bitcoin Faucets have a cool down period. This means you cannot keep claiming satoshi. Some have a 5 minute wait time between claims while others only allow you to claim one time per day. You want to start with the preferred ones that have the 5 minutes difference and move on towards those that take longer.

When you organize everything you can easily make more since you do not waste time by going to the faucets that still have a cool down period. Do not underestimate how much time you actually lose on this.

Focus On Getting Referrals

You can easily end up making a lot with the referrals, just as with any other method in online money making. Learn how to get more referrals and focus on that. If you sign up to any of the links above or those on the list page I made I will make some free extra satoshi without doing anything. You want to do the same thing.

How can you get referrals for these faucets? Well, this is an entirely different topic that is too complex to expand here. However, what you should always consider is the following methods:

  • Recommend the best faucets to your friends.
  • Buy ads – not really recommended unless you really know what you are doing.
  • Start a blog.

The truth is that you should start a blog anyway. If you do not know how to do that, Neil Patel has a truly wonderful guide that teaches you absolutely everything you have to know here. Also, I highly recommend the How To Start A Blog Step-byStep Guide by Richard Goodwin.

Start the blog, use your Twitter, use your Facebook and eventually you get to refer new people to the Bitcoin Faucets you use, to the programs you invest in and you make money with ads.

Bonus Tip: Use Your Dead Time To Make More

There are moments when we do not usually do anything. Maybe we watch a movie on TV or we drink a coffee. These moments can be used to get some fast rewards from the Bitcoin Faucets. Every single extra counts. By dead time I mean all the time in which you do not do anything else and you could browse to a site and do some clicks. For instance, maybe you wait for a download to finish. A quick browse to a faucet to claim is easy since now you have a list based on time frames. 😀

Good luck and get those satoshi. Hopefully, you will use it wisely!

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