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How To Make Money With PaidVerts – Tips And Tricks

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Update: I am no longer using PaidVerts dude to a lack of time. I simply have other projects more important for me. However, the tips and tricks below still apply to those interested or to those that simply want to make more with this PTC.

PaidVerts is not your typical PTC website. It is actually much more than that with various different earning opportunities available for those that have the patience to actually learn about them. Even so, if you just focus on the PTC aspect, you can still make more on the long run than with the regular PTC sites. Some time ago I wrote about how PTC sites were not worth it and I still stick to that, with the exception of PaidVerts. This site can bring in good cash but you want to know what to do.

What Is PaidVerts?

This is where we should start. At first glance, PaidVerts is a simple PTC website. If we did deeper, we see that it is also an advertising platform and a crowdsourcing platform. When you sign up for PaidVerts you also get an account with My Traffic Value, which is a crowdfunding platform that has various investment plans available and even allows you to play some games for cash. You can invest in shares there and get a dividends based revenue stream. The money available on one site is also available on the other.

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How To Make Money With PaidVerts

getting the cash

1. The PTC Ads

The system revolves around what is known as BAPs, which stands for Bonus Ad Points.At the moment you get 200 BAPs daily and this allows you to receive PTC ads that you can click and earn with. This is actually where the system is different than with the regular PTC sites. You do not get a membership that gives you a few more cents a day. You actually have to get as many BAPs as you can in order to be in an ad group. Requirements are kind of like this:


Getting to BAP Group 1 is very easy. To group 2 a little complicated and then it keeps getting more complicated. However, if you do manage to get in the higher groups, you will be given daily ads that will be worth more and more. Daily PTC ads appear after you get to group 1. This is important because until you get to group 1 you will not receive many cash ads. You receive BAPs through:

  • 200 BAPs awarded daily after viewing 8 ads.
  • 2400 BAPs awarded when you buy a $1 ad pack that gives you advertising credit on the site, similar to what you get with the traffic sharing/revenue sharing sites.

2. Referrals

Most sites offer some sort of referral commission so this one is quite obvious. You get 5% of every single paid click that your referrals make and 10% of all the ads that they buy. Obviously, you want as many referrals as possible to receive as many commissions as you can.

3. My Traffic Value

As already mentioned, an account with PaidVerts also gives you an account with My Traffic Value and vice versa. With My Traffic Value you can make more money by:

  • Investing in lump sum deals with a various percentages return ranging from 115% to 185%
  • Get dividends through royalty positions
  • Barter royalty positions
  • Play games for cash
  • Bet on what industry sites will keep paying in the future
  • Refer people – different commissions based on referred user actions

Tips To Make More Money With PaidVerts


  • Focus On BAPs

The more BAPs you have, the higher you will be in the Ad group so the more money you will get. You want to be careful with the BAPs. Do not sell them unless you have an opportunity to do so at a higher amount than you would pay to get more. You can buy BAPs from other users but remember there are some commission fees for the transfer.

  • Do Not Play Games For Cash

Most of the games for cash that you can play through the My Traffic Value system are casino games. With casino games THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS. If you absolutely want to play, play the skill games. There you have a chance because you compete against other users.

  • Get The Recycled Ads Upgrade

This only costs $0.05 and you get $1 worth of PTC ads delivered to you. When users do not click ads in 18-24 hours after they are available for them, they will be recycled and shown to other users. By buying the upgrade you get to see extra ads.

  • Get The Mini And Mega Random Value Ads Upgrade

These upgrades cost $2.99 and $19.99. You do not lose money when the upgrades are bought because you will get ads with a minimum of the value of the upgrades. The upgrade simply means that you are serious about making money with PaidVerts so you will be given priority to the ads created.

  • Buy Bulk Ads From Time To Time

This is an advantage that few are aware of. Once you get $1 in your account, you want to buy a $1 ad pack. It will offer 2400 BAPs bonus and will give you a period in which the account is not taxed. Every day you are going to have 100 BAPs removed from the account and in return you get PTC ads. For the $1 you get $1.20 worth of ads. At the same time, you are not going to have to pay the daily BAPs so your BAP balance keeps growing constantly, allowing you to get in higher Ad Groups.

  • Offer Referral Support

At first glance PaidVerts is difficult to understand and deal with. This is why it is a good idea to offer real referral support. Head over to the Referral section and you will see the emails of the people you referred. Drop them an email and let them know that you are around for assistance. Interact with them but be sure not to overdo it.

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