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Why Playing Role Playing Games Can Help You Be More Successful In Online Business

It is a shame to see that most parents want to stop their children from playing computer games when they can be so beneficial for them. With a little bit of guidance you can so easily help a child to develop. In many cases games help much more than regular education methods. Just read this article from that highlights 8 reasons why video games will improve the child. So much more can be said.

I do not have experience with all game types. I mainly play League Of Legends (I sometimes blog about it on Lol Journey) and Diablo III these days. This actually helps me to make more money because I get to keep training my mind, some of my reflexes and stress is reduced. I also played many role playing games in the past, together with some strategy games. At first glance I always thought that the strategy games are the ones that help the most with making money online. That is not really the case. Out of all the game types I enjoyed till now, RPGs stood out as the most helpful. Here is how they help you make more money online.

Improving Teamwork

In most of the role playing games that are played online with parties of people you need to work with complete strangers in order to be successful. In World Of Warcraft you need to play your role and work with others that play their role in order to get the best possible results.

This is similar to what you do when you want to make money online. In an ideal scenario you basically work together with the people you refer to programs, with partners and with your upline to grow the entire business. Even if you have no idea about making money online, if you play MMORPGs you know that teamwork helps you to succeed. That lays down a foundation to work with others to reach great results.

Improving Collaboration

This is obviously related to the point above. Online role playing games rely on collaboration, just as many online business partnerships.

Improving Leaderships Skills

This does not always happen but it can if the player is interested in becoming the best one at the game or just reaching higher levels. The community connected with these games requires leaders to plan many things. As the player becomes a leader in the community, leadership skills can be increased. The player understands how other people react in some cases and much more. In online business you have to adapt and lead people.

Leadership is vital in any part of business. If there is just one think that you can focus on improving (except knowledge, which is mandatory), it is leadership.

Becoming More Competitive

The desire to be the best at what you do is something that will help you out a lot in this industry. It is really important that you find motivation to keep getting better at what you do when you want to make money online. If you do not do this, others will surpass you. With online business you have to be competitive. You need to do good SEO work, constantly work to surpass others, get more likes on Facebook, a higher engagement, more subscribers and so on. When you play role playing games you tend to become more competitive as you improve.

The Importance Of Knowing What People Need

Those that make the most money online realize what people need and that is what they are focused on. In many role playing games you have to know what you want, what you need and what other players need. In World Of Warcraft you can create a strong income stream when you know what people want and offer that in the marketplace. Also, you can learn about how some things that cost the same to make will be sold at different prices because of demand.

I can take this further by saying role playing games can offer you the very first economy lessons you have to learn. If you want to make money online you have to know as much as possible about finances. Role playing games allow you to deal with a virtual currency and work to grow it.

The Importance Of Hard Work

For me, this is the most important thing that you can learn when you play online role playing games. You see how important it is to work hard in order to reach the goals you have. If you want to be the best at the game in a PVP scenario, you have to practice. If you want to make a lot of money, you need to work hard to get the materials you need and then sell or you have to farm the in-game currency.

Remember that you have to work hard in order to make money online. That is why I talked about the Indian Online Business approach and why I promote programs like Paidverts where you have to work hard to be successful. Taking it from the bottom and working hard to grow is what helps you to get stability in online business.


Play complex online video games! If you are really good at them and you learn what has to be done to succeed there is a huge possibility you will understand the online business world better. Obviously, this is not a necessity. However, I see many that say you have to stop playing online video games to make a lot of money online and you need to be focused on the business, nothing else. That is an incorrect approach that will lead to burnout. Online games (not just role playing games) help you to relieve stress and you can keep focused on improving your business at the same time.

You do not lose time playing games, especially when you are competitive as you play them.

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