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Using Your Internet Browser To Mine Bitcoin

Update: Also started to offer an internet browsing mining option. More about it below.

With Bitcoin prices constantly going up it should be no surprise to see that people are interested in increasing mining for cryptocurrencies. One of the new options available right now is the possibility to use the internet browser in order to mine Monero, through JavaScript technology developed by Coin Hive. Why is this of interest to you? Because it means you can use literally any computer to get some Bitcoin. Here is how.

FaucetHub’s Bitcoin Mining Offer

Because of the technology used by Coin Hive we see many websites that are now rewarding visitors for using browsers to mine. FaucetHub stands out as the best deal at the moment, the one that does reward users in Satoshi and gives various other incentives. Moon Bitcoin also has a similar deal but it is not as rewarding as FaucetHUB’s.

Through FaucetHub you basically start the javascript browser miner and you are directly rewarded with satoshi added to your account. Also:

  • Mining Bonus – You get an increase in how much you are rewarded based on how much you mine, up to 100% bonus.
  • Referral Bonus – If you refer others that will mine, you get 2% of their mining. Yes, this means if you sign up as my referral, I receive 2% bonus for all you mine.
  • Extra Faucet Rewards – FaucetHub is a platform used by numerous faucets and Bitcoin games. Many of my recommended BTC faucets use their system. This means you can always go to their faucet list and get more satoshi as you mine.
  • Bitcoin Games – There are 3 BTC games you can play straight through FaucetHub for a chance to win big BTC.
  • Offerwall – Extra Bitcoin available for doing simple offers like signing up for a newsletter.’s Bictoin Mining Offer is the most popular, well-known and appreciated Bitcoin Faucet in the world. It was also among the first that offered the possibility of mining BTC through the Coin Hive platform but it was turned off for some time. Now it is back and brings in the same option but with one little change. Here you do not have to worry too much about CPU related problems since you can also choose how much processor power is used.

When comparing the two, although I did not test for a really long time, it initially seems that offers a little more. It does look like the option is a little better but we do have some disadvantages. The most noteworthy one is that you do not get the possibility to increase your bonus as with FaucetHub. Even so, it is a good idea to try them both. You most likely already have an account with since it seems that everyone has one, mainly because of the INTEREST offered on deposited Bitcoin and the growing faucet claim amount available. If you do not have an account, create one and test everything yourself.

Things To Remember About Mining Bitcoin With Your Browser

Although the opportunity is one you really want to consider when you are interested in growing your Bitcoin reserve, you should know the following things that also relate to any javascript based browser miner you would use:

  • Your CPU Counts – The technology uses the power of your CPU to mine. The difference between an i7 and an older CPU model is huge. I tested with my Intel Celeron N3050, a pretty bad CPU, and the hash rate is at around 5 hash/s. On an i7 you can get as high as 90 hash/s. I also tried a very old CPU on an older work laptop and it just got 0.5 hash/s.
  • CPU Overheat – If you have problems with overheating CPUs you need to avoid using such technology. FaucetHub gives you a feature to pause mining every 30 minutes to allow the CPU to cool off. Use that if necessary.
  • Thread Number Counts – When you set up the browser miner you are asked how many CPU threads to use. Generally, you should start with the number of CPU cores you have. However, if you do not have heating problems, you can go as high as 19 threads at once. Keep an eye on the system and keep increasing threads up to optimal. Increasing too much does not necessarily increase how much you gain. If you increase and you do not have a higher hash rate, move back to the initial number of threads.
  • Multiple Computer Use – Using more TABS to bine on FaucetHub does not work. However, you can mine through more computers.
  • Antivirus Blocks Coin Hive – Coin Hive basically uses your computer to mine so your antivirus is going to block it. You want to add a rule in the software to allow this to happen. Do not worry since nothing bad is happening. The antivirus just warns you that your CPU is used.
  • Low Earnings In The Beginning – In the beginning you will not earn that much. However, as the bonuses pile up, increases will appear. Also, if you do have a strong CPU you can easily expect to get at least 1000 satoshi per day. With lower end CPUs you get around 100 satoshi per day most likely.

Hopefully, you will join with my referral link. You do not lose anything from trying it. If you already have a FaucetHub account, give this option a try. The same with, of course. At the moment I am personally using both. While I am not at the computer it is the FaucetHub’s platform that works at maximum possible safe CPU use. While I am using the computer I am using because complete computer control appears thanks to the extra CPU control feature.

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