4 Mistakes That Even The Professional Content Marketer Often Makes

Some content marketers will tell you that everything is really simple. Others will tell you that everything is complicated. At the end of the day, the truth is that all that we do online in marketing can be complicated. We actually learn from the mistakes that we do and that is how we become better.

When talking about content marketing mistakes, we can mention so many. I will only stick to some that the professionals make since everyone tends to think that they are a professional, right? Make sure that you always avoid the following.

Thinking That Writer’s Block Can Stop You

Writer’s block always appears, sooner or later. When you say that you cannot overcome it, you are just using an excuse. The truth is that writer’s block can always be overcome.

There are many different ways to get over writer’s block. For me what works best is to just keep writing about something that is not related to the work that I am doing, something personal. I also listen to a lot of music and even read to get over writer’s block. What works best for you might be something else but you will surely find something that works.

Not Editing Or Proofreading Work Done

One of the really common mistakes is to simply never edit the work done. You should never do this. You want to allow yourself some time to pass before you will edit your work. This will help you out a lot. We never love to edit but it is something that has to be done since this is what will make great content become a whole lot better and more valuable.

After editing, make sure that you also proofread the content. When you edit you make the large changes but when you proofread, you make sure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes. Never release any content until it is proofread. Preferably, do it two times, not just once.

Not Doing Research

Do you think that something is blue or are you sure that something is blue? This is what research is all about. Releasing content without the adequate research being done is one of the biggest mistakes the professional content marketers make right now. Even if you are a professional and you think you know everything about a niche, things can change and you might talk about something that you do not really know without even realizing it. You have to double check and you need to conduct a proper research.

I should also mention that your visitors are going to be much more impressed by evidence, concrete data that corroborates opinions. In many situations research is science. Learn all that you can about how to conduct research and you will surely end up with much better content.

Not Knowing Your Readers

This happens much more often than what you may think. A blogger always thinks that he/she knows the readers. That is not always the case.

Great writing, as you will often hear in the world of marketing, is all about creating a relationship with the readers. You want to be sure that you solve a problem or that you ask a question. How can you do this if you do not know the following?


We have many different mistakes that we can do. As soon as you identify one, it is time to learn from it. Own it and recognize it. Many other mistakes can be done, besides those mentioned above. If you have some that you want to share, you can always do so in the comments section below.

PS: I have no idea why I added that pic with the pug above. I just like pugs!

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