5 Ways 3D Animation is Used in Marketing

3D animation may seem like a difficult process to bring to your marketing plan; however, it will provide plenty of benefits and a variety of uses that impacts how your audience views your product or service.

Aesthetic and Brand Image

Let’s face it, 3D animation is trending, and it’s one way to level up your aesthetic over 2D animated work. You can create a more engaging brand image, not to mention aesthetically pleasing, that stands out to the crowd. Making a wave over your audience can be tough, but since many companies are confused and even quite scared of trying 3D animation, you’ll have a major one up over your competition. Since humans are generally visual creatures, it’s much more attractive and attention-grabbing to see a 3D object than to read an article about your product. Due to the number of resources available on the web, you can find plenty of ideas and inspiration to apply to your marketing plan.

Convenience: Social Media and Visualization

First of all, if you have a complicated idea to express, 3D animation is a great way to simplify it and show an example that people can interpret. Creating a 5-second video is much more attractive than simple product images, and animation does not require filming and utilizing physical items, props, and actors. Making the visuals may be the most difficult part, but you can easily find resources online about 3D video animation production to reduce your cost even further by picking up the skill yourself. Once you have your demo reel or advertisement, you can easily and immediately share it on all of your social media platforms. This way, you will have control over the entire marketing process without having to waste any time waiting on others to finish their step.

Creating Product Demos

Once you’ve created your product, it feels ready to be placed on the market; unfortunately, it’s not that easy, as you may have to hire a professional photographer to take brand images, demo reels, and more. An upside to 3D animation in marketing is the ability to create 3D models, animate use of your product, or even just general marketing to show off what you’ve got. This is convenient especially for those who may not have the physical product finished yet and those who may not offer a product at all! Feel free to produce an engaging demo of a product, service, or both, right on your computer.

Lower Cost, Higher Engagement

The reduction in production cost has already been mentioned, including the ability to learn the skill yourself, the low resources required to produce engaging information, and the advantage of creating a 3D product before it’s physically manufactured. The more great news is that studies show 3D animation tends to have higher levels of engagement than other types of ads and information on social media. Simply put, using this type of animation attracts your audience more by engaging them with a demo reel and aesthetic viewing of your product. You can cut your expenses dramatically by either learning to produce on your own or hiring an animation team to settle things for you. The best thing to do is to review other’s animation processes to see how things work.

Reuse Old Assets

Do you have limited time to make advertisements and demo reels? An awesome advantage to 3D animation is the ability to reuse parts you’ve applied already! Unless you’re creating something different, you can reuse and edit bits of animation and 3D models that have been featured in previous advertisements. It’s important of course to not simply use the same assets over and over again, but it will cut down the amount of time spent on animating if you reuse what you can instead of recreating the same pair of headphones in 3D with just one additional feature. If you simplify a model, in the beginning, it makes it easy to add on upgrades, mold into different shapes, and reuse the same base even for a new and improved product line.

3D animation may have a bit of a learning curve and take some time to fully process and master, but adopting this practice will provide a positive impact on your business. Don’t be afraid; step into the 3D world of marketing and see what reach your business can obtain.

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