5 Ways You Can Improve the Way You Ship to Customers

Running a successful business requires more than just selling amazing things and making cash; you must also ensure that your consumers have a positive experience. It would be best if you made their entire experience delightful. From exploring your website to the point they receive the product, they should not face any problem. However, one of the most challenging aspects of an online transaction is shipping. The client has already paid for an item, but it is not yet in their possession. And the business, which prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, has no control over the delivery.

Despite this, a retailer may take some sensible measures to make the buyer feel more at ease with the procedure. Below are some ways you can ensure that the shipping experience is convenient for you and your customers:

Estimate delivery time

One of the deciding criteria for buyers when choosing between two online retailers providing similar products is delivery time other than its price. More than half of online customers, according to research, prefer to see expected delivery dates and delivery charges before completing the purchase process. This informs customers when the product will be delivered and how much more will be added to the order price. Although it may appear to be quite common, many online stores still lack this component. If this describes you, you’re at a significant disadvantage to competitors who provide these exact estimates.

Keep them informed

Your system must include a delivery notification mechanism. When you hand over the item to the carrier, you should send the notification or alert to the customers to know when the shipment is likely to arrive and may make plans for its receipt if necessary.

These alerts will also lessen the number of calls and emails you get from consumers wondering if an order has been sent and when it’ll arrive. As most people don’t have enough time to track the order via a tracking system regularly, informing them by text or email can be a wonderful approach to keep them informed.

It’s a good idea to double up the notification so that the customer receives an email from both the store and the carrier. If one notification becomes entangled in a spam filter, the other may be able to pass.

Improve packaging

While it’s simple to pack your things in a plain box or a plastic sheet, creating your own branded packaging is a good idea. You can also make your custom package, including your contact information, social media handles, and logos. This will not only set your firm apart from the competition, but it will also provide you with another excellent opportunity to grow. Other than that, it would be best if you made your product packaging in such a way that it protects the inside product. It should keep the product safe during shipment between the retailer to a carrier and to the customer. Therefore, you should make the packaging reliable and sturdy.

Provide multiple delivery options

Consider a buyer who is looking for an anniversary gift for his wife. He’s been putting it off for so long that he needs the gift in his hands in two days. What method of delivery does he require? Will it be delivered on time? You can meet these requests and prevent these consumers from shipping worries by offering several delivery options. You can select from several alternatives, ranging from same-day delivery to five business days. While most clients will choose the cheaper choice, there are situations when speed is essential. The more choices you provide, the more customers you’ll be able to attract.

Select the right logistics company

Decisions are crucial. As a result, every wise marketer, mainly when dealing with products that must be transported frequently, should make a crucial decision about which courier service to choose to get their brand out there. Couriers are essential since they are the final step in allowing your clients to experience the quality of your product. For instance, If you want to ship your car from one place to another, then you would want to find a good car shipping company to accommodate your needs.


When it comes to delivery, there’ll always be scope for improvement. However, with changing customer attitudes and shipping methods, you can continuously improve your delivery options to give your client exceptional items and a terrific customer experience.

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