Is Amazon’s Affiliate System (Associates) One You Should Use?

The short answer to this question is YES but I cannot simply tell you that, can I? I see a lot of people looking for affiliate programs and trying to find something better than Amazon. There are networks that are better for some site owners. That is obvious. However, although this is true, dismissing Amazon’s affiliate offers will be a bad decision.

Amazon is horrible in terms of commissions paid. This is what most people complain about. However, we are talking about a brand that practically everyone knows. There is no such thing as a lack of trust and the conversions will always be a lot higher than with other programs.

Let’s take Clickbank for example. You can convince people to buy from Clickbank but the system used is directly linked to the site that offers the product. This means that you have to convince your potential customer that the authority of the site is high and that he will gain something valuable after a purchase.

Amazon’s Widgets Suck But…

You do not have many options available when it comes to widgets and most of them are simply horrible. However, the direct link option is one that always converts a lot better. I always recommend direct links with Amazon, usually “buy here” or “buy from Amazon” links.

You Have So Many Extra Products You Can Sell

Let’s say that you sell protein supplements. A lot of people do this. Use whatever affiliate system you want for that but add the extras from Amazon. You will get extra money. In our example, how about offering fitness equipment, clothes or even books or magazines? Since people are interested in protein supplements, they are surely also interested in other things.

Upselling is a great way to make extra money. You want to offer people as much as they want, even more so they can choose. Create a selection of books that they can read or list some gadgets that are great according to the niched products you promote! You will soon notice that you can generate extra income through Amazon. It will not be that much in many cases but every single extra dollar is one you can use to expand your business!

Amazon And Commission Junction To The Rescue!

There are so many moments when you have a great idea for a website and you know how to make it a success in terms of traffic but you have no idea what to do to monetize it. You cannot simply use Google AdSense as you are losing out on a lot of advertising space that remains available. In this case, sites like Amazon and CJ can help you out and you can find some really good products that you can use to cover the niche you discovered.

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