How To Create The PERFECT Sales Pitch

Being really good at selling products is a lot tougher than what many believe. Creating that PERFECT sales pitch is difficult because marketers do not understand one thing:

“The perfect sales pitch is not having a sales pitch.”

You do not need to use sales pitches and the truth is that you should not even think about using them. You do not have to cold call and you should not even think about sales pitches. What counts a lot is using permission marketing and inbound marketing, both focused on high quality content.

Inbound marketing basically means that you attract visitors to a site, visitors that look for information. Social media, blogging and search marketing are regularly used for running inbound marketing campaigns.

Permission marketing basically means that you reach out only to those individuals that offered permission for you to do that. It is practically reversed cold calling, the opposite of cold calling.

These 2 marketing strategies revolve around getting in touch with an interested audience and highlighting products or services that are useful for them. The goal is always to build a blog or site audience that is genuinely interested in what you offer. After attracting the audience, ask for permission to remain in contact and start conversations.

What Happens When You Do Not Have A Sales Pitch?

Those people that will contact you do not have to be convinced to buy something. They are already interested in your services. A great sales pitch will usually get people to buy something but it takes a lot of time and effort since creating that great sales pitch is difficult. Some people do not like sales pitches. You can avoid upsetting visitors by not using any sales pitch.

The idea is really simple. You attract an audience that is basically interested in what you offer. You then ask for permission in order to reach that audience constantly, usually through a newsletter or on social media. Then, it is easy to make a sale.

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