Hard Truth Time – You Will Never Create Viral Content!

I am so surprised to see the fact that there are so many tutorials out there that teach you how to create viral content. This is simply rubbish. There is no secret recipe to success. You should never buy a book that promises to teach you how to create viral content. You do end up gaining some important information but there is never a certainty for success.

What Does It Mean To Go Viral?

This is definitely where things get confusing. Viral content basically means content that becomes really popular through what is known as a viral process related to sharing content on various sites and social networks. Do you have a certainty that people will start sharing the content that you create? This is never a certainty that appears.

The people that share the content need to be influencers, or at least have a good audience. If there are 1000 people that share a video and they only have 100 friends on social media, the effect will not be as strong as if a celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers can offer. One video that is loved by a celebrity will easily have the potential of becoming viral, as news and celebrity sites will also pick up the content.

The Mix Between Enjoyable And Selling

The big problem for brands is that their viral content also needs to promote something, a product, a service. Such content will not bring in that viral effect since people naturally hate promotional content.

When referring to a really big firm like Coca Cola or McDonald’s, they can create anything since people will view the content and can share since there is a huge power associated with the brands. For the small to medium sized companies, it is not something that is possible, thus making the creation of viral content even more difficult.

Viral Content Is Funny Or Shocking

Most of the viral clips that you see online or the viral campaigns that are very successful are either funny or shocking. You need to create a response. The problem is that you have to be sure that you create a suitable response from the audience you are mostly interested in. With this in mind, it should become quite clear that the knowledge that is needed to create content that COULD become viral is huge. Those small firms do not actually have access to such knowledge.


Do not remain focused on creating viral content!

If this happens, great! If not, you need a backup plan! Generally speaking, it is a really good idea to focus on branding. You want your target audience to know your brand and associate it with high quality. This is not something that is done through the creation of viral content. If you really want to grow your company fast and your online presence at the same time, be 100% sure that you remain focused on BRANDING.

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