How Much Should a Professional Logo Cost?

Logo design keeps your clients interested in your business. Logo is the first thing your future clients find out about you. It’s sort of your business card but it’s visible everywhere. No wonder lots of attention is devoted to designing a logo. If done carefully and in a proper way, it becomes your most successful input into development of your own business. Those who want to have a creative logo turn to professional designers. And here is where all the troubles start. Firstly, you need to figure out who exactly you should turn to. If you do find an expert, then the question of payment comes. The price differs in an enormous way. This problem becomes acute, especially if you want to stick to your budget but you are charged too much. So, how to grasp whether you are being fooled or the price for such an important case is totally fair?

Determine the price range

A price range can help you understand what you should expect when it comes to payment. If you’re charged for creating a unique professional logo design less than $ 275, don’t expect to get afterwards the result that will please you at least somehow. Most likely you have faced an amateur who hasn’t done any logo design in his life at all and simply wants to try. In this case, it’s up to you whether you want to trust this person or no. If you do decide to hire this designer, don’t get upset when your logo will look hideous: perhaps he clapped it together at his programming class while his teacher wasn’t looking at him. One more option for charging you less than $ 275 is that this deal is a complete fraud. The designer will ask you to pay him in advance and will disappear for good. Another explanation is that you found a professional logo designer who doesn’t know how much his work should be paid for or simply wants to help others and bring more happiness into this world by doing his work almost for nothing. Do you believe in such kind of fairy tales? I’d rather believe that someone saw Santa Claus riding a white unicorn than that such generous logo designers exist.

Now, what about the highest sum you can be charged? Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. It’s much easier with the lowest price because if the designer respects himself, he simply won’t waste his time on the project that is badly paid. Everything depends on the experience and prominence of web designers. Don’t expect that Ethan Marcotte who coined a term “responsive web design” and created a wide range of stunning logos or Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the most popular web designers in the US, will charge you $300 or even less. They have a lot of customers who are eager to work with them getting logos of the highest quality, that’s why in such cases they are the ones who decide whether they want to work on your project or no.

How to decide?

The problem of making a decision about who is going to create your logo design, a designer with the lowest price for his works or the one with the highest, is the most difficult to solve. That’s why try not to think about money. Pay attention to designers’ portfolios and find the one that will appeal to you the most and will correspond with your ideas. Only after that you can look at their prices and compare them with portfolios. You will be surprised finding out that the portfolios you really liked belong to a golden mean.

Also, don’t decide on the spur of the moment. Making a quick decision will not do you any good. You have to think a lot and be completely, 100% sure that you’ve made a right choice.

Where to find the most reasonable prices?

Nowadays the Internet offers a lot of opportunities that will help you find logo designers. Some of them send you too attractive invoices but don’t give you any guarantee for a perfect result, others are a complete ripping off. Upwork and give a wide variety of choice but they still don’t secure you financially. If you want to get a creative logo along with a great choice of designers who can perform it at a fair price, create a competition on DesignContest.

This platform’s idea is to facilitate the cooperation between web designers and their clients in terms of ideas, communication and choice. If you set a competition, designers who are certain in their abilities can take part in it. They are highly interested in your project and compete to get picked by you, that’s why you get the best ideas for your logo at the most reasonable prices. This is a great way to evaluate designers not for their previous experience but for what they can create for you and your company only. It’s also a great chance for talented designers to prove themselves and to get chosen for their extravagant and fresh ideas. As for the prize the winner will be awarded at the end, it is chosen by a customer himself that’s why you cannot overspend your budget.

Why do the prices vary so much?

It’s obvious that the variety of prices depends on the amount of work that should be done. If you are a completely new company, your will be charged in a different way from those who need a logo upgrade. However, sometimes a logo upgrade can cost much more than creating something from scratch. It can be much more difficult to make the changes acceptable to the old clients in the way that they can also attract new clientele and promote your business. For example, take a look at the following logo redesigns. The first one, Reebok, decided to make their logo better and completely changed its whole concept.

However, the sales dropped off afterwards: the changes were totally unsuccessful. Meanwhile another company that also wanted to make the logo better, MailChimp, upgraded it in a less severe way and was warmly accepted by the clients. It made it sophisticated and simple.

As you see, the variety of prices should correspond with the result. You shouldn’t waste your money on the logo you’re not sure your clients will like. But trying to save money and being greedy isn’t a way out as well.


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