Never Ignore What Facebook Insights Tells You About Your Followers!

There are many tutorials out there that tell you to post at specific hours on Facebook and that you have to make sure that you post images. The problem is that there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Every single person that wants his Facebook page to be successful needs to take into account the current audience. Audiences are always different. Also, they can change in time as you get new followers. The only real way to figure out what will work is to visit Facebook Insights.

Here are some things you can do in order to properly determine what you should or should not post so that everything resonates with readers:

  • Checking Overall Engagement Rate

In order to calculate the engagement rate, you have to see how many people were engaged and divide this by the number of Likes you have. When the percentage is under 10 percent, you most likely have a problem with your engagement.

  • Analyze Top Posts

Go to the Posts tab in your Insights and see All Posts Published. See the posts arranged by engagement. Sort results by the “Likes, Comments and Shares”. See what posts rank really high and analyze the subjects of those posts.

  • Determine Exactly When Visitors Are Online

Just because your friends are online at a specific time of the day does not mean that the followers of your page will be on at the same time. Look at the charts and see exactly when the visitors are on, according to days and times. See all the posts published and compare to when most of the visitors were online.

Always check your Facebook Insights at least once per month when you do not have many followers and once every week when you have many followers. The strategy can change as you get more fans and it is really important that you adapt to your audience. Too many do not do this! Do not make the same mistake.


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