Social Media Tips For Personal Trainers At The Start Of Their Journey

There are so many personal trainers that set up their social media accounts and want to promote themselves but the competition is so high that it is really hard to stand out. Obviously, social media is a great choice since those that you want to reach surely have accounts, especially on Facebook and Twitter. However, breaking out and managing to succeed on social media is more difficult than it used to be.

Most personal trainers at the start of their online journey struggle. To make matters even worse, many end up trusting horrible social media advice. Thankfully, getting back on track is always possible.

Although there are different things that can be said, here are some simple and quickly applicable tips.

Communicate With Your Clients

Social media is a great medium to communicate with existing and potential clients. Social media in general is all about communication. The Facebook page is a great place to present the schedule that you have and update clients whenever changes happen. Also, on Twitter you can so quickly respond to specific and short questions coming from your clients and various potential clients.

Most personal trainers focus hard on promoting deals they have in order to land a new client. This is a good idea but you need to go one step further and actually engage with people. Social media should be used for communication. Try to help and people will start noticing you.

Spread The Knowledge You Have

As a personal trainer you are a partner for your client so you need to show that you have the necessary knowledge. Social media is great for that. You want to share expertise on health and fitness. This builds trust with customers you have and can impress the potential clients.

It is always a good idea to create a blog. Hopefully you have one. Make sure that you write posts about various topics, ranging from healthy eating habits to exercises that clients can easily do at home. When a post is published, share it on Twitter and Facebook. If you do not have a blog and you do not want to launch one, you can write longer articles about complex topics on your Facebook page.

Besides the articles you write, share links that are helpful for your audience. Articles published in magazines and health journals are recommended. Just make sure that the information presented there is actually correct. Do not assume anything based on the title. Read what you share and be sure you agree with everything presented there so you can engage in good conversations with people.

Share Training Results

Talk with your clients and see if they are comfortable sharing before and after images so you can show that you are good at your job. Before and after pictures are among the best possible images you could share online on social media as a personal trainer.

Remember that people do not buy products or services. They buy experiences. This practically means that telling client stories is a very good idea. It will foster personal connections, which is what you want. As an example, let’s say you have a client that wants to lose weight before getting married. You can use your own social media accounts in order to keep track of the entire journey. This is really valuable and enjoyable content for everyone that sees it because it has a story behind it.

Always Show Your Personality

When you hire a personal trainer you want to connect at a personal level. Personality is very important in making a choice. Because of this, as a personal trainer, you need to showcase your personality. Unfortunately, many that just start using social media fall into the trap of acting way too professional.

Do not just advertise work. Share fun posts that people are going to enjoy. For instance, when you love cooking, share favorite healthy recipes or just talk about some cooking disasters that happened. Motivational fitness quotes can also be shared.

As an extra tip, if you can film videos, it is a great thing to do. Just be sure that you show your personality in the videos.

Stay Consistent

This is where I make a huge mistake when doing my own, personal promotion. Do not make the same mistake. The idea is that you create a strategy for your online promotion. After that, you need to stay consistent. Social accounts have to be kept up-to-date and your posting schedule needs to be consistent. People will realize that this is the case and they will keep coming back.

For instance, on Facebook you want to share content at least a number of times per week. On Twitter you need to send out tweet many times per day. Do not blindly trust articles about how many times to post on networks. Try to find something that works for you and stay consistent.

Final Thoughts

Your priority should be to get yourself known at a personal and professional level. This only happens when you work hard. Do not promote your services and always focus on telling stories. You want to inspire and become a role model for people following you. This is how you grow in an organic way on the long run.

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