Top Secrets to Sell Your Products Like Hotcakes on Social Media

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You’ve just launched your product. The excitement is sky-high. Now, you want to generate sales and profit from it. So, what should you do? One of the simplest ways to create awareness and attract more people to your product is through social media marketing.

“Social media” is an umbrella that includes several influential platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, and the likes. To be more particular, business-friendly sites like Instagram and Twitter are great platforms to launch your products and grab more customers. With Instagram having recorded 300 million users worldwide, and the numbers expected to double in the next couple of years, it makes sense to leverage the benefits and features of sites like these in your product launch. Foxfans is a great source for Instagram followers and likes. The other side of the coin, Twitter is a great platform to give a personal touch to your content. However, the bottom line is, irrespective of what social network it is, the more people you reach, the more are the odds of your brand getting noticed. The positive outcome will be in the form of more visitors and sales (which is what you want).

To make things better, we take inspiration from some top brands that have successfully injected their products and generated hefty sales and profit via their social media promotions.  Here are five brilliant ways to promote your product on social media.

1.Go all-out on social media (like Taco Bell)

Once you have created accounts on all social media platforms, make sure you include details of your new product in all your profiles. If you have something unique in your profile (which you should be having, of course), odds are that you will get noticed by a large number of users.

Let’s recollect how Taco Bell went black-out when it launched its new mobile app on social media. The company used a black square as profile picture across all social platforms, and posted multiple times. Their message was ominous – to make customers download their app. And they succeeded.


2.Create a signature hashtag (like Wendy’s)

Construct a unique hashtag for your product so that it becomes easier for your customers to find all relevant information about your item under one roof. Make sure your hashtag is catchy and unique, so it’s easy to remember. The idea is to ensure that your hashtag doesn’t get lost in the sea of other tags used on social media.

Let’s recollect how Wendy’s created a unique hashtag called #PretzelLoveSongs to promote their Burger. They asked people to comment and tweet their thoughts on their burger. The best chosen tweets were composed as a song and sung by professional singers such as John Secada,  Boys II Men, and Nick Lachey. Take that for an inspiration.


3.Host contests (like Lay’s)

It’s quite natural that people get excited when there is a prize. Hosting contests on social media is a great way to build up the hype even before your product is launched. It can help spread your message faster.

After a successful first attempt, Lay’s hosted its second contest “Do Us a Flavor” earlier this year. People would suggest a new flavor for their potato chips and the winner would bag a cash prize of one million dollars. A winner was chosen and a new flavor was launched at retail stores worldwide.


4.Make short videos (like Moe’s)

When compared to text, videos are more engaging and have higher chances of getting viewed. Create short videos (of 2-3 minutes) for your product. The content can be a simple creative story of your product, how-to, or benefits of your items. Upload your video across all social media platforms.

Atlanta-based restaurant Moe’s created a short video on their new item ‘chili con quesco’ and uploaded on YouTube and Vine. The video was very well-presented and it showed a list of ingredients used in their item. Ultimately, it created awareness and curiosity among foodies, and spread like wildfire across all social media platforms.


5.Launch teaser campaign (like Renault)

Launch teaser campaigns across various social media networks a couple of weeks leading up to your product launch. The idea is to give out very minimal information about your product and spark maximum curiosity among your target audience. At the same time, the content should be designed in such a way that it leaves viewers intrigued.

Earlier in 2014, Renault ran a teaser campaign to promote its Twingo model. The promo was like “something” was coming and had a new hashtag to it. After days of teaser campaign, the car was launched and audience tweeted about it with the hashtag #UNDRESSNEWTWINGO, which was used in the teaser campaign. It just goes to show how people accept things when they are rightly publicized.



Be more creative and add fun elements to your marketing campaign. The trick is to launch a campaign that cuts through the noise and gets noticed by social media users. Also, take advantage of social media management tools such as Hootsuite and Feedly to manage your time and productivity. This can be very useful to record user responses and respond to them on a timely manner. Do follow these steps and let us know if our suggestions have helped. Wish you a successful launch.

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