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You Cannot Learn Digital Marketing In A Few Hours

You Cannot Learn Digital Marketing In A Few Hours

This will be a shorter article than I want to write on this blog but it is a pretty important thing that should be mentioned: you cannot learn digital marketing in a few hours. Lately, I saw countless online classes/courses that promise to teach you digital marketing.

This is impossible.

There are people that spend years learning digital marketing and still do not know everything. This is due to a very simple reason: you simply cannot learn everything about something that keeps evolving.

Digital marketing is huge at the moment. It is normal for many to want to learn what to do. However, as soon as you start learning you quickly realize how little you actually know. This is something that never ends.

The fact that people try to take advantage of others by promising them that they will learn “all that they need to know about digital marketing” is horrible. What these people teach is just like 1% of what should be known.

Google Is Your Friend

The only situation when you should actually pay money for such a course, from my point of view, is when you are lazy and you do not want to use Google. This is because almost all the information you find in these digital marketing courses is already available for free on numerous websites.

Use Google. Learn. Try. This is what you have to do.

Theory Is Not Practice

When you go from one course to the next, which is often the case with these digital marketing courses, you can easily fall into a misguided feeling that you actually know digital marketing. I saw so many that say they are really good and do not understand the importance of market research before launching a campaign. This is actually something that is rarely touched with these digital marketing courses.

Final Thoughts

As I already said, this is a short article. Please start learning digital marketing from well-documented articles and do not believe anyone that tells you they will teach you everything. This never happens. Also, there are no guarantees. Digital marketing is all about testing, knowledge, research, experience and more. It is not about 10 videos that will teach you everything.

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