Your Store’s Decor Is Outdated: 5 Ways to Fix It

It’s a hard truth, but outdated retail stores and small business shops are unlikely to make the same profit margin as their in-with-the-times competitors. The good news is that you can get your store’s decor up to snuff pretty easily and without spending a fortune to renovate the place. To help you get started, here are five ideas to update your store’s decor and improve customer flow for increased sales.

First, De-Clutter Those Displays!

Going into a store and seeing shelves packed full of randomly stacked items is not a good shopping experience for most people. Overstuffed displays almost give the impression that a store isn’t selling anything, or selling very little anyway. The following simple steps can make any display more attractive and keep customer attention longer.

Clear the display area completely and clean it thoroughly so that the entire display is spotless.

Categorize the items you plan to display in that area by type, color, or other relative characteristics. Just be sure that your merchandise is in groups of related products.

Neatly arrange the categorized items in an odd number of rows. Leave ample space in between each row of items to eliminate any chance of clutter.

Keep the rows in a neat line within the display, leaving a little extra space in the back of the row.

Add small decorative items such as costume jewelry pieces, vintage trinkets, or silk flowers sparingly in between rows of products. The little decorative items should relate to the products in some way, however, albeit they can be broadly indirect in relation.

Another idea you can add to the de-clutter process is to replace the tags and labels on your products with QR codes. You can easily integrate these nifty little squares and have a QR Code easily visible and scannable very close to the row of items that it represents the cost of.

Try Replacing Current Display Cases with Glass Displays

Not only is glass very trendy right now, but glass displays have multiple advantages to consider if you’re unsure. They improve security and theft prevention, especially when positioned with mirrors nearby. Glass is also much easier to clean than wood and has a chic, classy and timeless look.

Complimenting and Coordinating Products in Store with the use of Decor

Just like the little decor items should be related to the products in the display area they vamp up, the theme and decor in your retail space should be relative to the type of items you’re selling. You wouldn’t expect to see an auto parts store decorated with rainbows and roses, and you wouldn’t see why a local toy store would have romantic pictures of Paris and London hanging everywhere. The theme for your store’s decor should be very closely related to the merchandise you’re selling.

Choose a Wall for an Accent or Statement Wall

Painting one wall a different, bolder, brighter color than the other walls is a great way to let your decor tell the story behind the store or put your company’s mission and values out in the open in an aesthetically pleasing way. The addition of SEG graphics, or silicone-edged graphics can make the imagery you choose to integrate onto that wall pop out and grab customers’ attention. Your accent or statement wall can be as intricate or as simple as you like. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to clutter it up or have too much going on there. It should be a cool focal point and a conversation starter but not take too much attention from the products and merchandise

Show off Your Merchandise in a Whole New Light

Take that literally, friend. Updating the light fixtures and making sure that your store had plenty enough light to view the various displays and any important information for items. Customers should never have to strain their eyes in too-dim light just so they can read your display info or prices. In the same respect, no one enjoys shopping with light so bright it feels like you’re under a microscope.

All of these decor update ideas can be done in less than a couple of days and won’t cost an extreme amount of money. There are plenty of ways to customize each of them personally for your store.

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