Adrian Cruce Blog Turns Into 3 Blogs

I have not been active in the last month or so on because I have been working on different projects and I really wanted to change the focus of this blog. At the moment there are way too many topics that are covered and there is a need to differentiate between the different things I talk about or I want to talk about. Because of this I am turning the blog into 3 separate blogs: – Main Blog

The focus of the main domain blog will now be marketing, SEO, beginner help, financial education and freelancing. They are connected in one way or another and I want to be able to offer advice for people interested in this part of making money online here since this is what I do most of the time anyway.

Soon new articles will appear and you no longer have to see articles that are not related to such topics, creating a better experience for the aspiring marketer looking for valuable online information. – Crypto/Alt Coins Blog

Right now I am actively interested in cryptocurrencies (also referred to as alt coins). Since I wanted to write many things about this and the topic is not actually related to online promotion, marketing and SEO, it made sense to create a new blog.

On this blog the focus is still helping beginners, with future articles being written for those that do not know much about the topic, need help or even for those that want some good advice even if they do know a lot about alt coins. There will always be Faucet Lists updated as often as possible there and crypto investment opportunities I take advantage of or I think people should know about.

Personal.AdrianCruce.Com – My personal blog

This is pretty self-explanatory. I always wanted to talk more about topics that interest me at a personal level and it did not make sense to add it to the main blog that was mainly focused on marketing. On this blog you will find articles about animals, gaming, technology, day-to-day stuff, League Of Legends, maybe music, who knows? It is all about me at a personal level and what I do when I am not working.

Why Subdomains And Not New Domains?

There is a clear SEO motivation behind this but the main reason why I wanted to launch these as subdomains is that they are all parts of me. We are all individuals with many different aspirations and interests. I cannot manage branding and promotion work for many different blogs since I have other projects I work on. was always supposed to be a helpful resource so the new subdomain blogs that will appear will have the exact same approach.

At the moment there is only one profile for Adrian Cruce on social media and there won’t be new ones launched as everything related to this domain will be a part of me as a whole. It would take something pretty significant to change that in the future.

Hopefully, you are not upset and those that followed me till now will not find this as being a bad thing. Separating everything while still having easy access thanks to the same domain makes sense for me and should make it easier to find the content you look for.

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