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Expired Beer – $1 Billion Losses Because Of COVID-19

beer is expiring

China has been warning the world about how serious the new coronavirus is and people still do not listen. Right now, there are over 3 MILLION people infected and over 210,000 deaths.

The US, which practically mocked China and the rest of the world, thinking it is invincible, now has BY FAR the most cases, with over 1 million. And what does good old President Trump want to push? Reopening schools and businesses. All this because the economy is struggling.

Of course the economy is struggling because people do not take COVID-19 seriously.

This brings us to the topic at hand, which is that beer is expiring. You read this and it seems funny, without any real worth, or at least this is what I expect. In reality, this is huge since it can lead towards losses of $1 billion for the alcohol industry. And this is just beer and not other drinks.

As beer manufacturers cry about what happened, the stupidity of the matter is that millions of gallons were actually produced in March. The reason? Preparation for “March Madness” and “St. Patrick’s Day”. Obviously, that beer now sits in kegs all around the US, with nobody able to drink it. Nobody will ever drink it. Why? Because COVID-19.

How stupid can manufacturers be not to predict something like this? Or, more accurately, how incompetent are the people responsible for such decisions in these companies?

Here’s the gritty part of it all. In an attempt to make as much money as possible, companies from all around the world willingly neglect things that are very important, like a possible pandemic. WHO declared this a pandemic on March 11. Many would argue that this is too late for beer manufacturers to prepare but this is just rubbish. The evolution of this virus started in January, not in March.

Trump wants to reopen schools, hotels and all businesses. This would be great for the businesses and would lead to so many deaths that he would need to be sentenced to death. Yes. This is how serious this situation is and it is incredible for me to see that people treat it as a joke.

Racism is running wild in America. Since something bad happened in China, it cannot happen in the US. This is how people think and it is so incredible to see that taking advantage of an Irish holiday to sell beer is not a problem. If something is made in China, it is a problem.

Getting back to beer, this is just an example of the stupidity of marketers and business owners from around the world. Jeffree Star is paying all his/her employees in full during the pandemic. MUCH bigger corporations fire people.

The WWE fired around 40% of its staff and wrestlers (estimated amount, nothing official) when there are documents proving that they have cash reserves to cover salaries for these people for a number of months.

Who ends up suffering because of the idiotic decision of manufacturing over 10 million of gallons of beer that now need to be thrown away? It is not the manufacturer. It is not the big corporation. Some stocks will go down but they can easily get back up. The people that suffer are the employees. Then, we have bars and restaurants, of course. Beer manufacturers will just fire employees and still produce beer for supermarkets and similar businesses. Profit will not really be affected.

The point of this article and the reason why I write these lines is that there is a big lesson to be learned from such things. Actually, there are 2:

  • You need cash reserves, no matter how small or big your business is.
  • It is very important to take care of your employees.

Bird laid off people through a shameless Zoom “Webinar”. This was the fastest growing startup in the world. Please take a look at the evolution of that company AFTER the pandemic ends. It will NEVER recover from this.

Slowly grow your business and NEVER neglect, dismiss or betray the people that help you to grow your business.

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