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Being Overly Optimistic Will Hurt Your Chances To Be Successful In Business

This is more of a personal post because I recently see a lot of talk about negativity and optimism in business in general and particularly with the huge My 24 Hour fiasco that is happening in the revshare industry.

The premise is that nothing will hurt your business more than negativity. This is arguably correct but when you are overly optimistic you can be sure you are going to lose money on the long run. Such a thing is normally learned the tough way and people affected can be scarred for a really long time. They can end up not trusting anything in the future and that high optimism can quickly transform into negativity.

Almost all entrepreneurs are optimistic, normally overly optimistic. It is this forward-thinking optimism that actually led to many success stories and what inspires people to follow their dreams. There is a natural desire for people to be independent and when everything goes great, optimism tends to keep growing up to a highly dangerous point.

The Necessity To Be Optimistic

When you run your business and you work hard to grow it, you have to remain optimistic. This is a must since it is what offers the drive to keep going. No matter how bad things get, you still think that everything will be solved. If you are a natural pessimist it will be incredibly hard to be the business owner. In this case it is much better to work for someone else.

When You Are Overly Optimistic

There is a difference between being optimistic and being overly optimistic. It is actually a huge difference. Having too much optimism is going to always challenge business growth, especially during the early stages. It can be said that the MAIN drawbacks associated with being too optimistic are the following:

  • Not Doing Important Research

The overly optimistic business owner will end up feeling invincible and will fail because of that. If you want to grow, make better investments and basically be a very good businessman you will need to do the groundwork. Research is vital for everything that you do. You need to see what stocks to invest in, what business operations should be improved, what people want and so on. Business growth will be halted or will be slowed down when research is no longer carried out.

  • Not Seeing Warning Signs

In revshares there are some clear signs that it is time to start withdrawing. In Forex trading there are some clear signs you have to stop trading. No matter how you want to make money and what your strategy is, there are warning signs that something will go wrong. When you ignore these signs you are bound to fail. Being overly optimistic, unfortunately, usually leads exactly to this problem. You may see the signs but you simply respond way too late as you do not realize how bad they really are.

  • Not Saving Money

Whether we talk about personal financing or running a business, money saving strategies have to be in place. You never know what will happen and when something will go wrong. When you are overly optimistic you basically think nothing will go wrong. Because of this you are tempted to keep investing and you do not save money. Money saving strategies are vital in business so you should never neglect them.


Although all aspiring entrepreneurs need optimism to fight through bad times and make the great times even better, too much will hurt everything you do. Having a healthy dose of realism and properly analyzing what happens is much more important than thinking all will solve itself if you just remain positive. Contrary to common belief in the business world, it is hard work and realism that gets results not remaining optimistic.

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