Picking Up Betty Rocker’s Make Fat Cry Challenge

Making money is definitely not the only thing that counts in life. We all need to do those things that make us happy and health is incredibly important. Being in a great shape will actually help you to make money because you will be able to also work on your mental strength, which helps you to work more, be more energetic and stay positive, no matter what happens.

When I was younger, I used to be in a great shape. I actually fondly remember when I was just 20 years old. I had flat 6 pack abs, great shoulders, really strong legs and was doing boxing, kick boxing and a little bit of bodybuilding. Time passed and I started to work a lot more, forgetting about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

A few days ago I realized that I am in a really crummy state. I need to sleep too much and I am constantly void of energy. My focus was entirely put on making money, which inevitably led towards making less money as I was simply out of energy and too stressed. Because of this, I decided to make strict changes, putting myself through a self-imposed 60 days challenge to change my lifestyle, look better, eat better, feel better and incorporate exercises into my daily routine, together with work, of course. They do go hand in hand.

Betty Rocker’s 30 Day Body Weight Challenge

For the physical part of the 60 days I want to go through (I am on day 4 now), I decided to start with Betty Rocker‘s quite interesting 30 Day Body Weight Challenge. You can see it and sign up if you want to here. I know! It does look like something that is meant for women but I assure you that I know a lot about training and working out given my background to know that this works for men too.

I took a really ugly picture of me at my current state and will post before and after pictures after I am done. I am quite eager to see the results. The great thing about this program is that every single day is different, taking routines from various types of workouts.

I just finished Day one of the 30 day challenge and posted this horrible pick on Instagram:

Day 4

A photo posted by Adrian Cruce (@adriancruce) on

Day 1 saw a very interesting combination of aerobic exercises with some regular body weight exercises you would expect in the gym and even a nice touch of yoga. Made the huge mistake of underestimating intensity and did it way too fast so my heart took a little timeout as I went through 2 and a half series of the circuit only to fail the rest. Had to take a break to finish but, hey, it is normal. When and if you decide to do the challenge, make sure that you take it slow, at your own rhythm.

If you are interesting in changing your life, which I am sure will happen through this highly entertaining and motivational program, head over to and give it a try. I am quite sure you will not regret it if you actually take the step needed and you do go through the challenge. Will post again about it after 30 days are over.

Weight Loss And Making Money

The main point that I want to highlight through this simple post is that you need to be in a great state of mind in order to make money. Your mental state has to be proper, which is practically impossible in the event that you hate your body. So many stay behind a computer, try to make a lot of money and spend hours doing work, without thinking about their well-being. It is so easy to find yourself eating junk food as you get it fast and you think that you get to work more. Things do not actually work like that.

In order to be successful in life, you need to be motivated. If something is not great in your life, motivation disappears. I challenge you to go through this 30 days challenge and dedicate those 15 minutes per day. I guarantee that you will find yourself being happier and this will instantly translate into making smarter business decisions.

Having a healthy lifestyle helps you to make more money, no matter what you do! Remember that!

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