Everything You Need To Know About Blog Comments For SEO

This article should come as a continuation of the article I wrote about Blog Comments on the Digital Muscle Blog here. I wanted to elaborate a little on the topic, from a really simple point of view. There are too many opinions out there about the comments and how they should be used in a Search Engine Optimization campaign.

The truth is that in most cases, those that want to use blog comments in order to get backlinks will make mistakes and will just get too many or will comment in an inappropriate, inadequate way. This is what it all boils down to. The golden rule of blog commenting for SEO is:

Do Not Comment On Blogs For The SEO Backlink

Comment On Blogs To Take Part In The Discussion

Always Follow These Simple Rules:

  1. Use Your Name – Your name is surely not “Cheap Protein Supplements”. If it is, you have to change it ASAP and you have huge problems. Leaving the lame joke aside, this is the first sign that you only comment in order to get a backlink. My name is Adrian. I have to comment with the name Adrian since a person writes the comment.
  2. Link To Your Personal Site/Profile – When I comment, in that URL field, add the link to your personal blog (in my case, a Google Plus profile, your Twitter URL and so on. I do not post a link to Digital Muscle. This is what counts. If you want to add a link, add it in the comment section in order to further accentuate your ideas. With all blog comments, make sure that you are to the point. You can add a link to a perfectly connected niche site with the anchor being your name and it will not hurt your rankings, as long as it is connected. You get the idea!
  3. Actually Write A Comment – There are many blog comments that are 1 sentence long. While sometimes this is OK, in most cases you cannot make a point with one sentence. If you are adding value to that article you comment to, take the time to actually write a comment. This does not mean you have to write hundreds of words but you have to actually write. If you comment, comment!

Why Do You Comment On A Blog?

This is the question you have to answer to. It does seem weird but you should not comment in order to get a backlink for your site. This is basically the last thing that should cross your mind. If you actually get involved in the conversation, you will get so many extra advantages that you will love. Your Twitter followers will grow and your personal brand will become stronger. Then, when you talk about your niche sites, the exposure will be much better.

It does not matter if the site uses nofollow or follow tags in the HTML source code. Do not worry about that!

Do not worry about SEO when you post a comment! Think about the value that the comment adds! SEO benefits will then come naturally!

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