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Forget About Advanced SEO When Blogging

This is the most important advice that anyone can give you when referring to blogging in the event that you started to learn about SEO and you understand its importance. The truth is that we are faced with so much focus put on search engine optimization that we forget what counts the most when looking at blogging:

The Content

When you open a new blog, you will normally do all that you have to do with on-page SEO. This includes:

  • adding a suitable WordPress SEO plugin
  • changing the permalinks
  • setting up a suitable site structure

That is all that you need when you open the site. After that, it is time to focus on the blogging side of things. Some of the most successful blogs in the world never even thought about search engine optimization. What you should understand is that when referring to blogs, everything boils down to the community that you manage to build and the connections that are established.

Your content has to be of a proper quality. It has to be really useful for the visitors and if that is the case, you will notice that social media shares automatically start to appear. Then, if other blog owners notice the content and see it as being really good, you will get backlinks. In many situations blogs end up with so many backlinks without even thinking about running an off-page SEO campaign.

My advice is really simple when you open a blog:

  1. Set up everything from an on-page SEO point of view
  2. Choose a good, responsive theme
  3. Set up your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and so on)
  4. Start writing really good content

Forget about everything else. Do your research and write really good content. Promote it on social media and if you really want to give your site a boost, invest some money into buying really well placed ads. Try to get in touch with similar bloggers in your industry and you will quickly be able to establish connections that will help you to grow the site a lot faster than using regular search engine optimization techniques.

Remember that all that was written here is connected to regular blogs, not sites that are built with the use of the WordPress platform. If you run a regular site but you just use WordPress to manage it, you may need to seriously consider starting a good search engine optimization campaign.


After one year of blogging, forget about this tip and start to use advanced SEO techniques.

I say this because you will get used to staying focused on your content. I know that it may be weird to read this article but I am sure that you will eventually understand what I mean.

Image source: Search Engine Journal

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