The Guaranteed Google #1 Ranking Position SEO Scam

How many times have we all heard this guarantee? There are practically thousands of SEO service providers out there that basically tell you that they will guarantee the number 1 position in Google for any keyword you want. The problem is that there are also thousands of site owners that actually believe these people/companies.

You have to understand one thing that is vital about practically anything that you do in life:

“If it seems too good to be true, it SURELY is not!”

Whenever you work with an SEO specialist, you need some sort of guarantee that good work will be done. You will not find a professional that tells you that they will take you to number 1 in X months, let alone weeks.

In the event that you see someone with such a guarantee, the best thing you can do is look somewhere else. This is because of a really simple reason:

“There are no #1 guarantees in SEO!”


by request: inside jokeThere Are Guarantees In SEO!

You cannot simply work with someone that offers no guarantees. This is counterintuitive in business. Just as with any other industry, in SEO, you will sign a contract and in the event that the contract is not respected, it is your right to cancel it.

When you work with really good SEO companies, you can be offered a guarantee that a number of keywords from those chosen (a good firm will NEVER optimize for just one keyword) will rank. Where I work now, the guarantee is that 30% of the keywords chosen will reach the FIRST PAGE of Google for a one-time fee in 6 months tops or money back. After this goal is achieved, we do work constantly to increase rankings for some keywords.

I am not saying that this is the type of guarantee that is offered but a money-back guarantee and a weekly report should be necessary, from my point of view. However, not all companies can afford to do this.

Make sure that you arrange a meeting and that you clearly discuss what guarantees are offered. Too many say “We guarantee” and when you look at the contract, nothing is guaranteed.

Image Source: Top 10 SEO Scams – read the article for more SEO scams

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