The Stupidity Of Using SPAM In SEO

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I really hope this article is short but I can never actually guarantee this. The topic is definitely one that is sensitive. Spam has been around in search engine optimization ever since SEO developed. There are always people that look for shortcuts in order to climb in search engine rankings. Unfortunately, this is a practice that will never stop. What has to always be understood about using spam in SEO is that it is:


Why Do People Use Spam?

For starters, it initially works. This is something that is incredibly attractive. However, what the dishonest SEO specialists out there do not tell you is that this is just temporary. A little spam will not really help and you need to use more in order to get those rankings. As you use more, problems appear. Eventually, this does lead to a penalty and your rankings will go down even if a penalty does not appear.

Another thing that is attractive is the cost. We only need to think about the costs of getting high quality links. You need to pay a good writer for that and there are situations in which other fees appear. When you work with spam links, the costs are so low. The quality is also low though.

Why Is Spam Stupid In SEO?

This is not at all difficult to answer. Here are just some reasons:

  • Google will realize it
  • Any result is temporary
  • A Google penalty can appear
  • You lose money since everything you buy would be worthless

Do not use spam in SEO!

Even if it takes longer, when you do things right, you will get rankings that are long-term. This counts the most at the end of the day.

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