The 3 Free Keyword Research Tools You Want To Start Using

One of the fundamental aspects connected with SEO is keyword research. In order to increase the traffic to a site and launch a highly successful SEO campaign, you want to find those keywords that are 100% relevant, that will bring in niched traffic and that help your business to grow.

I am not going to talk about how to choose keywords. This is highly complicated. I am going to refer to 3 free tools that you can easily use in order to find those best keywords that you can target. Using them helps you get started and optimize your blogs/sites properly.

Google Keyword Planner

keyword planner tool

We cannot talk about a free keyword research tool without mentioning Google Keyword Planner. This is one tool that offers data directly from the search engine that you are interested in. What is really great is that you will be able to figure out if a keyword would bring in traffic that would be interested in making a purchase. You do this by analyzing “Estimated Bid” and “Competition”. When both are high, the possibility of getting highly converting sales is higher.

Check Out The Google Keyword Planner At

Seed Keywords

seed keywords

The problem with keyword research when you do not know much about SEO is that you simply use a tool like Google Keyword Planner and you add what you think people would look for in order to make a sale. This is not completely relevant for your optimization campaign. You need to find those keywords that would actually make a sale.

Seed Keywords allows you to see what people would actually type in the search engines when they want to buy something or perform a specific action. The principle is really simple.  You create a scenario, ask a question and then give the link to your friends or a research group you may have access to. People answer and you have data that you can use in Google Keyword Planner tool to see what to optimize.

The official Seed Keywords site:

Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

wordstream keyword tool

These tools are basically made for Adwords but can easily help you to get your SEO campaigns running. The main feature you will want to use is Keyword Niche Finder. It will bring in many keywords in one location. Many of the keywords offered will not be included in other tools, including some that are paid. This makes your research be more complete.

Check out the free keyword tools at:

Free tools do help you a lot to get started. You get to find some good keywords to use in your optimization campaigns and you can easily take advantage of this, especially when you just start out and budget is limited.

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