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For Beginners, SEO

The Most Important Things You Have To Know About SEO

Everyone says that search engine optimization is needed to be successful with a website. That is correct. The problem is that there are so many articles online that talk about this huge industry that it is very hard to know where to start. At its core SEO is not difficult to understand. A high quality …


Getting Keyword Ranked On Page 1 In Google For 18 Dollars? Are You Serious?

The image above is deceiving but is a good fit for the subject since all scams rely on taking advantage of you. We love beautiful women. We want to see beautiful women. We want good rankings and we do not have much money? We will look at the cheap deals. With this aside, let’s get back …


Rankings Drop? Build Links To Other Pages On Your Site!

Rankings climb and drop regularly. It is something that is a lot more often than you may believe and there is a pretty good chance that you will see huge drops and increases when you first start doing SEO on your websites. The problem is that although this is completely normal, people will react instinctively …